Colorado, Arizona teachers rally for second day over pay, funding

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Teachers in arizona and colorado are striking for a second day over education funding each is in both states want more classroom resources and have gotten either raises or offers of increased school funding but say the money isn't guaranteed and it doesn't go far enough yesterday tens of thousands of teachers in both states walked out and headed to their respective state capitals organizers in arizona say their strike has no end date a ten commandments monument has been installed on the grounds of the arkansas state capital as jacob kaufman with member station k u a r reports it occupies the spot were identical monument was destroyed last year last june a mentally ill may on deliberately drove his car and at the six thousand pound granite tablet less than twenty four hours after it was arrested he had destroyed a similar monument in oklahoma back in two thousand fourteen state senator jason raper shepherded the authorization of the arkansas monument and presided at the unveiling of its replacement the ten commandments are an important component to the foundation of the laws and the legal system of the united states of america the american civil liberties union of arkansas plans to file suit arguing having the religious display on capitol grounds is a violation of the separation of church and state for npr news i'm jacob kaufman in little rock economic reports due out today we'll get a look at how the economy fared at the beginning of the year and the government releases first quarter gross domestic product estimates also the consumer sentiment.

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