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Come through. So it's a very normal thing working around the world for us now, and I think it's you become better at it. I think you become base understanding and appreciating the differences every every country. At first, I think Tom guys on relationships internationally become as you get to know each other in a day level. But I, there's so much we take for granted in whether it's a, you kinda strike. The why British people in a strident, PayPal, communicate and businesses completely different. So you know, it's a matter of learning all of that. What about how your food travels, then you've found as travel to relocate aids bay, whether we got back again to sort of bills and the bills model seem to export. Well, why was that? Is there a simplicity of purpose behind is their purity of idea. That means that that works. What was it? How do you explain that it works? I mean, it does. We work the food works in Japan and Korea and Hawaii and the stroller. And I think someone said to me, one of I awake when we in Japan, then he thinks it's interesting biggest Ian that appeals to pellets is you know, I think also in the UK because my background, you know, my background is Anglo-Australian sorry, my family, I grew up on English food Royston is and good. Good hearty Hoti. Really good in forty degrees. But you know, yes, gone really by British food. Then the hall in the seventies and eighties in there was an explosion of talent. Fluence Greek influences Chinese Thai influences, and that's very hit may really young in my taint, jeez. And I think in because we didn't have a an indigenous food culture, said of speak with thai-canadian. Lots to create are on that appeals to a lot of different palettes. And I think that's probably why am I? My pellet is quite global in a very natural Atta feel Japanese food or grapefruit is foreign. I feel like it's all tightly proper in the strata and because I do comfort food, I'm comfortable with pancakes, scrambled eggs for breakfast. I am with fraud Ross for breakfast, say it's interesting fries, comfort food. Do you think that the genre is more important than the than the place where you wouldn't say that you do Australian food than it's? What is it global. I think he's trying describe strategy and treating trillion. Definitely has a freshness and a lively nece on the palace. Melissa that anywhere I may be the closest thing would be California southern Californian food, whether it be, you know, San Francisco, our ally by that kind of thing. But it does have a freshness, and we also have a rule because we're not it's all right to do different things. Grim, we're not. We don't have a tradition like Italy where you've got to be really careful about what you doing. Customers will late anything. Tell me that more than I mean, you've mentioned a few places in sort of global this global perspective that you have. Where do you find your your food inspiration than you mentioned, you know, you don't want to mess with classics. People have bills for particular breakfast, Staples, that they love this ROY. But presumably he'd into freshen up your your mental pilot if you like, what did you just find things wherever you go or or that places where you think on? We're looking forward to my trip to the west coast. You're so wherever. Spas with foods, mixed. I love the food in Hawaii because you've got a total fusion of Japanese with, you know, junkie American all coming together. I love the food and Singapore because you get the right mix of Indian and Chinese and Nanya all together a very natural meek. So I, you know, in ally, I love the mix with Mexican coming through. So those kind of places I get really excited because I always fills vary alive and very changing and growing, which I think is really good. Travel is always get permission always rather than specific site going and traveling around the southwest of France, looking for a specific style. I like more modern cities where things are getting thrown around of it with a great restaurants, saying, Bill Granger there. Let's return to expert respirator. Jeremy king next tells us about his vision for the people who occupy the tables in his restaurants and how he creates and keeps a family of regulars. Happy his Jeremy again, Chris, and I've always believed that restaurants should be Galateri and a lot of the most interesting people who come into restaurants, the least affluent, and therefore we mustn't exclude them. So armored Vatian is if those people come through the door, we must give enough people the opportunity suspend, but not make it mandatory so that those a complete cross section of society. I remember Peter Lang annoys said that what he is spot to Nebraska was a place where the taxi driver and the duchess could sit down and at joining tables. And I, that for me is remains remains a dream. And so two sounds like on one of the lesser known parables. To say, were porn film something. NFL very strongly service. Adele you have real gold leaf guilt. I mean, it was is extrordinary refreshment under the crown estate, but it was important. Even those very, very cheap for want of a better word doesn't mean say it has to have paper napkins or anything like that. So put proper linen on the table, proper principles and working on on that basis, took a long time for people to get used to it, and then took a good two years at to a stand

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