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Police officers they're saying and she's recording across all of us on facebook live which is always a comfortable thing right so granted she's pissed because she's doing nothing wrong and i i b to this has happened to be by the way when i was younger i've been detained by police for no reason whatsoever questions not allowed to leave an area because we were being questioned about some bikes that were stolen at a park or whatever you know we just sat there listen to it talked about how unfair it was and moved on so what's going on here is you have this woman who's who's automatically assuming that this is all because she's black now i don't know if it's the case i haven't seen it anywhere in any of the reports that say that the woman said anything that would make it so that it's based on race that she is i don't want black people sleeping in my whatever i don't know it's possible of course are people going to admit that i don't know probably not i would imagine if you're a big like this that it comes out you can't really hide it so there may be a history of this woman there may be something that she has said i the past that makes people think this about her i haven't seen it reported and i don't know where that is it's it's vastly missing from any sort of media accounts it's missing for and it's an important piece of the puzzle that unless you don't think it is maybe you don't think it has maybe you just think you know what everybody's racist or in this case only white people are racist all white people are racist and so when they call the police on black people and there's nothing going wrong or they assume this that it's based on race and it's not based on behavioral anything else or being a jerk or something like this that automatically we have to assume it's race based because there's a white person and a black person involves so automatically the racist there.

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