Trump, South Korea and Libya discussed on Indy's Morning News with Tony Katz


And and you know everybody's talking about well maybe trump's gonna win the nobel peace prize the north and south korea getting together they're talking about ending the the the korean war people are going what's happening here and then all of a sudden things get a little sketchy north korean people don't show up for a couple of meetings with the americans they do some things that the americans don't like and then mike pence goes on fox news and says well it's really in their best interest to do what we want if they don't they're gonna end up like libya now talked about this on friday that to me seemed about the worst thing you could possibly say because i don't know if you're familiar with how libya ended up good affi ended up strung upside down and drug through the street and killed by his own people now i'm not saying that wouldn't be a good thing for the world of kim jong hoon went away i'm not saying that at all but what i'm saying is if i'm trying to do business with somebody i don't know if you're a business person you're hearing my voice probably

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