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Storm except now we've had two of these one on one thousand year storms in less than two years and a lot of these businesses are having to pick up and start all over again when they just picked up and started over again less about twenty two months ago and then how much of this is on us you know when when we see infrastructure when we see new buildings going up and all these developments them over the last few decades ellicott city has grown immensely there's been all sorts of new development and we can see that we've got to be very careful with how we do that i for one am a proponent of development but we have to do it responsibly because ultimately it is going to rain and we have in that raines gotta go somewhere you know and preferably not through the middle of ellicott city let's take a call here let's take bob in park ville bob you're on wbal what are your thoughts good air canoe miss more i think i'm trying to put william donald schaefer there governor in the situation he said do it now not tomorrow not next week or two years from now do it now william donald schaefer exponent of person that had done at least within a reasonable amount of time it's destruction caused by the floods two years ago these people these poor people they're guaranteed help they haven't got it obviously this current governor democratically controlled house and don't and house the delegates in the senate and don't forget the mr cattleman this business now one especially the representatives in this in the senate and the house delegates from ellicott city when did one stand up in the last two years and say where's the money where's the beef to rebuild this area and should we rebuilding nothing has been done and you look at it this way they failed their people and they had a forty seven billion dollar budget just passing two billion which posted the only goes in this state and you tell me that you can't find the money to rebuild

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