Boris Johnson boots out top adviser Dominic Cummings

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For his johnson's first year as british. Prime minister has been a rocky one. There's the pandemic johnson's own battle with covid. Nineteen never ending. Brexit talks and political u turns on everything from free school meals to a lockdown through it all johnson has had his chief advisor dominant cummings by aside last friday that partnership ended abruptly leaving many wondering. What's next for the prime minister and for brexit from london. The world's orla berry has more dominic cummings achieved what few advisors to any uk. Prime minister have done. He's become a household name in britain. Coming did so as the chief architect behind the vote leave campaign persuading voters to say yes to brexit in twenty sixteen. We can say the decision taken in one thousand nine hundred seventy five by this country to join. The common market has been reversed by this referendum. The british people have spoken. And the answer is we're out. The news was a stunning political developments. That cummings largely orchestrated when the conservatives won a majority in last december's election he got credit for that too for the campaign slogan that secured boris johnson. This landslide victory. Everybody my friends we didn't. We pulled it off in weight and monday and this majority we will at last be able to do what. Tension johnson awarded commes with the top job as chief advisor and the move upset. A lot of people because cummings is notoriously abrasive figure with a knack for robbing people up. The wrong way for those who oppose brags cummings is despised but in johnson's own conservative party. Coming plenty of enemies to is stone was abrasive and combative and involved attacking institutions in a way. That was very own conservative. That's david goldberg. A former justice secretary with the party speaking to the bbc his colleague. Mp charles walker says cummings cut off access to the prime minister. We feel we've lost in for the last year. We want him back. he belongs to. She doesn't belong to the advisers. He belongs to the parliamentary party. That elected him but despite the descent from his party colleagues. Boris johnson remained fiercely loyal to his toes. Assayed most memorably when cummings flouted national lockdown rules by driving to his parents home in another part of england and then taking a day trip to local castle what suffering with covert symptoms. Cummings was forced to give a press conference to try and explain his actions. My wife was very worry. Particularly given my is cited c. Which seemed to have been affected by the disease. We agreed that we should go for short. Drive to see if i could drive safely. Who drove for roughly half an hour. An ended up on the outskirts of bond castletown. His explanation did not go down well with the british public or many conservative. mp's but despite all the outrage the prime minister refused to sack. Cummings matthew flinders professor of politics at sheffield university. Says it's not just loyalty. Boris as a kind to me somebody who needs to be loved and actually bought. You had reposting dominant. Cummings was the most strangest sort of good cop. Bad cop political partnership basically domain. Cummings was there to ruffle feathers to be disruptive often that had to happen to shake things up. But boris was never gonna do that which makes coming sudden departure from ten downing street on friday. All the more intriguing. Some are convinced. That johnson's trustee aid finally turned against him but apart from the intrigue many wonder what cummings departure will mean for. The brexit talks with this hard line. Brexit tear no long regicide. Boris johnson agreed to compromise and strike a deal with the eu. Not to flinders. Doesn't think so. Now there are so many big big areas where there is no agreement a tool. It's hard to see even with dominic cummings out of the way whether that could be any agreement and actually the person who is strongest and most of bitten into not negotiating is is boris. So no. I don't think there's going to be southern rapid shift in european policy but former prime minister gordon brown says a deal could be on the cards speaking on national television. He says it's less about dominic. Cummings and more about who's moving into the white house. I think the arrival of joe biden has made all the difference. Icy trade deal coming pretty soon. The government simply cannot afford to be at war with america on the one hand in europe and the other at the start of the new year

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