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Random to the show Yeah it's good to be back with you. I'm not really a guest at this point craig. I think i think. I'm i think i'm a regular buddy in co hosts at this stage so you don't have to commute to the show video. Thank you thank you good to you. Good to speak. I guess always is always as an i love that. We're on video. And because i'm in southern california. I'm in shorts and a tee shirt and you're in northern california in the morning wearing a ski hat. Yeah some definitely must say. I can't complain My family's back in boston. I'm not sure what the weather is right. Now but There's a reason why i'm not there for the winters and this is definitely a good place to be so i'll take the cold. Yeah absolutely. I feel like i'm really turning a corner down here into panga with the help of the community i've mapped out several real key important ridge lines and canyons between here and santa monica. And now i'm i'm really Experiencing asunto euphoria. Because i'm starting to kind of make connections between the two and i got lost on a rotten single-track that lead nowhere yesterday but also found. Just this rad single-track connector that i just. It's a point of discovery of new areas. That i really love when you've got the basics down and you can start digging into some of the lesser known trails. Yeah i'm starting to get that similar. Sense of familiarity with my surroundings have been here only for a couple of weeks. And i had done some writing here before but not much information's on it in the Again you know in the santa cruz mountains. Just north of skaggs point and so. I'm doing a lot of writing kinda to the west of there towards the coast backup. Then yesterday. i wrote king's ridge up in Outside of grenville. Unbelievably gorgeous out there. the grasshopper what is it the super sweetwater and the old caz racists go through their train is unreal and we were on the road the whole time so that i know there's a lot of good dirt but The vistas just unbelievable. Yeah and frankly cinema. County roads are often worse than the trails in my ex. Well i was writing six fifty. So i was. I was in good shape but one of our one of the two people i was with we were riding in a socially distant way. Everyone into we'll be talking about that in a moment One of the people we were with only have thirty. Two's and was definitely feeling the extra you impact and so on. So i was glad to be on fat rubber. Yeah exactly and you reference the grasshopper series. I had miguel crawford the founder of that series. He's been doing it for twenty years Which is kind of crazy Twenty one years. Now i guess and you can imagine what the equipment was like back in the day and in our interview he kinda often joked about. You know you just as soon see a mountain bike on the start line as you would proper road bike and everything in between over the years. In fact one of the people i was with at their brakes. Were starting to fail because it's so steep and fast and so on that just The the compounds in their breaks was seemingly anomalous classifying. Or something where they're just losing breaking power at the extremes kind of sketch. I didn't have those problems. Fortunately and i won't name names in terms of who's brake pads. They were either but well. This is great. I mean i feel like these conversations and the discovery process. We're going through in. Our new locations is on point with what i wanted to talk about today. Yep yep Before we jump into that because it will be a jumping off point. Do also want to talk about a listener email and dialogue. I've been having with the member of the community named silas. He brought up something that i've been grappling with someone. New to an area without local friends is just kovic safe riding and obviously did an interview with dave from unpaved about the event they did and all the changes they made to make covid safe but for for all of us on the day to day we've got to think about how to ride as covid safe individuals and is it safe to ride with others and what techniques can we do and what i recommended to silas is since neither you nor i are experts on this is let's let's put in the community forum and let's have a discussion and see how we can provide information to one another and have a dialogue about how individuals are comfortable in terms of writing with others. Today yeah and it's certainly not something that we are qualified to discuss ourselves You know we're not epidemiologists. We are not medical professionals and so on norway claiming that you know we have actually if we have anyone in the community Who has that sort of expertise can point to articles and so on This would be the channel To contribute to the conversation. Because ultimately i think for all of us including the experts that there is a this is like an an ongoing iterative optimization function. We're trying to find the right balance between you know. Mental health comes through social connection and that we are safe from A disease a pandemic that know is i mean. It's not like ebola so it doesn't have that extreme seriousness but it is serious enough especially potentially to other people that we might transmit to where we wanna take precautions. Striking that balances is something. We're all trying to figure out.

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