NBA Mock Draft 3.0


And we are back talking two thousand twenty mock draft three point o our last mock draft of the year. It's draft day draft morning. What better to unwrap and a mock draft on draft morning. it's the second round. Now now's the time to confess. I'm really terrible at projecting second rounds like you know my hit rate and some drafts has been like one two three picks in the second round. It's it's so hard to keep track of the first round the wheels to sort of come off and these picks happened like every two minutes. I it's hard to really keep track. I did my best. I project where. I think particular players can go. You definitely don't really get deep into this when you're talking the nba scouts in executives about what they're going to do in the second round. They're still trying to figure out the first round as well. So i've tried to find some fits there so this is reported more chad ford speculation. Here about what's happening. The second round starts with the dallas mavericks this pick via the warriors taking malachi. Flynn the san diego state. Junior point guard One of the guys that frankly could go ten spots higher in the draft. I actually really love malachi flynn. There's kind of a lot of point guards kind of later in the first round which may push him out a little bit. But i actually think he's the guy who could step in play right away. I would actually love him in dallas. I think that'd be great. Pick for dallas at thirty one at thirty two. The charlotte hornets are on the board. They're getting this pick via the cavs. Paul read the sophomore forward center out of depaul. Have them going thirty two. This is john. Hollinger's been super high on all year. I think he's another guy who can guard positions on the floor. I really like him. Actually think he brings some stuff offensively as well. I personally like him. Better than precious. I'm right now. Could turn out to be a terrible take. But it's kind of what i think and i definitely think he could be an excellent fit. I'm in charlotte. Especially if they end up with lamelo ball and they're gonna need to add a defensive big man. As part of that package at thirty-three the minnesota timberwolves around the board. This'll be the third pick because they have to. First round picks. Tillman the junior power forward at michigan state. Everybody loves this kid. He's he's one of these guys like high floor. Low ceiling. just does his work every day. Great rebound or plays hard. I'm ken defend going. Bring be a great locker room guy is gonna find some rotation that somewhere I like him in minnesota on a team. That is trying to go forward. I think he actually adds a bit of a veteran presence to the locker room. At thirty four the philadelphia seventy sixers are on the clock. That get this. Pick via the hawks. Isaiah joe the arkansas shooting guard who is one of the best shooters in this draft. Crazy range. High volume of three point shots philadelphia. Always in need shooters. When you're going to be playing. Ben simmons on this team he certainly constructs the floor. And i'd like isaiah joe there them at thirty five the sacramento kings Via the pistons. Dan dotson to kansas sophomore guard. Who is one of the quickest players in the draft. He's an elite score excels off the getting to the basket not a great shooter a bit undersized for his position not really a point guard that's why he slides a few spots higher but could be instant offense off the bench for sacrimento at thirty five at thirty six the philadelphia seventy sixers back on the clock this time via that pick from the mix jordan aura the louisville junior who also is one of the better shooters in this draft. He has good size vers position. Good length i'm not sure exactly what else he brings to the table besides shooting but again i'm just loading philly up i with shooters at the moment at thirty seven. The washington wizards are on the board. They get this pick via the chicago. Bulls tyler bay the junior ford out of colorado who is one of the best athletes in the strath super explosive. Really hard worker on the defensive end still just kinda coming along on the offensive. And then i think that's been a concern. He's he's one of those guys that might be a little bit of a twitter. Not sure exactly what position he plays in the pros that causes him to slide. A few picks in this draft think this is still really value. and by the way when. We're talking about a lot of these guys dotson. Tillman for example malachi flan. These guys could all end up in the first round as well. Just have them the second thirty eight new york knicks via the hornets janis ramsey. The texas tech freshman guard again volume score can shoot it a little bit We're just loading the knicks up now with backward guys that can score the basketball. I'm not sure who's going to defend in new york. But he's an intriguing prospect. He's only nineteen years old. And i certainly there's upside there with the thirtieth pick in the draft at thirty nine the new orleans. Pelicans selecting this pick for the wizards. Daniela touro the minnesota sophomore center. Who had a really really strong summer season one of the more improved players in the country very skilled at big man. I'm great size. Adding just bore skill in size to this pelicans roster i'm at the moment If you remember earlier jalen smith. I'm selected at thirteen at forty. The grizzlies are on the board. This pick via the silence. This is the first pick that the grizzlies have been able to make in the twenty twenty. Nba draft a doco as a bouquet. The kansas center. Big guy seven. Seven wingspan seven footer. Really good athlete actually just dominant player in the pain. Terrible free throw. Shooter doesn't really do anything facing the basket. But when you have that size and length and athleticism. I think you get something done in. The and kind of reminds me deondraye jordan. A little bit and a little bit surprised. He doesn't go higher. I get there seems to be a penalty on the big minner plane or pain. Right now in the draft at forty one san antonio spurs back on the on the board yama dr the israeli guard nineteen year old for hop. Well tel-aviv and you know. He's such an intriguing prospect because he plays his butt off. His incredible energy is just making a difference when he's out there but he's not really a point guard. He's kind of more of a two guard in a point guards body. He's not like a great shooter. I'm athletically he's actually not bad at all but that lack of a jump shot kinda undersized i position that makes him more of a second round prospect at he absolutely wants to leave israel and come to the nba. And if it's the g. league next year and so he could be an interesting prospect for san antonio developed down the road

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