Beware of Facebook Messenger Scams


May be aware. Facebook accounts are sometimes hat from my experience. They're more likely cloned them hat. Though people will often times refer to this as a hack as well. That's neither here nor there if you receive a friend request from a friend with a new account but you're already connected with them with another accounts on facebook might be a clone check with your friend. I if you could call them up or text them and not through her facebook messenger by the way that would be preferred if they confirm. It's a new account that they've made go ahead and add them now. Let's talk about the messages. You may want to treat all messages as a possible scam until you confirm whether it be cloned or hacked account messages. Could be a scam especially anything asking for money or anything with links that you weren't expecting or the send our what it normally send you again. Contact the friend preferably in a phone call or sms text message. Don't click on any links until you've confirmed your friend meant to send it. There are scams often asked for money such as once where friends have supposedly been stranded on vacation and need money in order to make it back home. Give your friend a call. They may actually be fine. And it's a scam or trying to get your money. Watch out for leaks especially to videos which may be pornographic and may contain malware. Always remember one bad. Click could make for a bad time.

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