How to be your own boss in a remote world


In versions of windows which you i'm sure many of your listeners have washed how microsoft empowered a whole generation of right and they all have thousands and thousands of windows applications. That fueled this. And of course what that meant was you have a device which the computing power has radically improved over those three decades So you have these extraordinarily powerful processor and you have ever bigger operating system. This asked to sit on that device. And that's really the challenge were solving for because the operating system windows. Ten right is the version that we're on now mid no and your listeners didn't know windows. Ten is the last version of windows that will ever be released by microsoft and so Are that the thesis really. This is the really the whole universe of windows and windows. Applications night brought into the cloud into azure microsoft's clem night. Most people today in most companies are consuming their email neither erred and excel in our out of office. Three sixty five which is the first sort of step towards completely abstracting this These applications and how you use them to the cloud that something that you work in. Because i was even when i was looking at me i've seen in there of making windows ten easier. So is that part of that process so the real concept is not the future looks very different than it does today right where the corporations and businesses are on sort of two to three year cycle where they have to buy new hardware they have to unite maintain and update and operating system which is got really big night So the idea is in the future that allow dot complexity and costs actually obstructed into the cloud. And you just you get to consumer and you can put it on a phone town the an any pc that you want and you don't have to have this huge expensive device with a big operating system on it and actually all compute in the security laxity gets moved to the cloud and microsoft manages it. And so yet. What's interesting for us and for your listeners. To kyle understand that limits you may not. You may not be a roll off the tongue operating system because of that. Yes you know you know back operating system windows or iphone. Ios or android. These are the most people know that lennox is actually the world's most pervasive offer system all of the web runs on lenox all five hundred supercomputers in the world run on lenox kit. Four out of five phones are based on lenox. Most of the acm's or anytime you're in a tesla or cards all running on lenox. So the one place where lennox hasn't succeeded is actually on the desktop. And we think this is the moment where you're going to see lennox win on the desktop because it becomes When you're delivering everything from the cloud having a light secure here manage operating system actually makes a lotta sense and the work with that with what you're doing. Do you see again what's happening now with more and more people working at home. Do you seeing that continuing long into the future especially with these type of operating systems. I think that there is going to be some big advantages to the planet into people's know the framework of their lives families that are a health health benefits. That come with a certain amount of flexibility. So i do think there's a big Revealing moment for a lot of companies leaders that were can be a conflict remote where a challenge right now with them. Like how do i. How do i manage. My people remotely outweigh get the performance that we need when they're remotely and i think that it's not the one all answer for everyone right and every physician. I think you're gonna still need to go to the office but maybe you don't need to go to the office as much as you did before. And it's much mart n channel. I don't think the office is going away entirely especially as a guy who's seven months inside this room right. I'm dying into the office. So i think once cohen sort of becomes a you more or less in control that mel. How a big appetite to be around human beings and the collaboration that can happen when you're together and you when you break bread one of the things that's missing in my life. Is this thing the magic that happens when you have a meal someone right. Yes and we've lost some of that yo- in this era where we serve having to stay at home. Lots of meals on my own family. Great right i two things to that. I was speaking to a fortune five hundred executive recently and he actually how he put it that they miss happy hour. Be he said we. You know because you just get so much more done you people you know they. They worked together. They networked together in. You know so. He said that they miss happy hour. But this is not just your employees. Right you're paying your soul when you soften people by breaking bread with. es in it's beyond just the people talk about the water cooler inside of their company. And how much happens served in that non. Formal communication exists obviously In terms of how people partner together how they do business together outside the four walls of your office even right right right. Yeah i mean. I'm you know i mean the meetings industry and of course that just crumbled right. Now it's not happening but although it's not happening we've had the best quarter of it because companies are very strategic on who they are hiring and who they are bringing in for their programs and of course everything is virtual. they're very strategic so they're willing to pay more money for that own terms of dollars spent a great quarter but in terms of the people. Who's getting booked and speaking now. That isn't even close to to where we were at and then again having all of these virtual programs and virtual events people aren't raking bread. There are not doing the business that they normally would be doing if they were there face to face. Oh and again as humans. We want that interaction. we other people right right own. We're being we're being patient. You know most of us saying you know we know we know the end is near we now. This is is going to to be okay. But i think that that is the the beautiful thing that happened right. It's like a science experiment that you will never gotten under normal circumstances right okay. Business resilience z. Sort continuity has a new definition our talk about business on new. it was like a. If there's a fire in your office burns down or you lose a data center. How are you going to retire. Her business continuity in the new post code is gonna be about. How do you ensure that all your employees can work wherever they are on any device and how they do that securely. I mean even the white house. Today's dealing with us right. Where as of the code situation they had to send everybody back into their head office to quarantine right and so then given the that the. Us government takes to secure full lines emails. Your candidate the government running with the entire west wing. You know in their in their houses right and so they. Same your spectacle. They're all watching in the white house. That's rejected with every corporation right.

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