Big Ben among 4 to go on Steelers' COVID list


The steelers have announced this morning that they have placed four players on the reserve covid nineteen list. One of them is named ben rothlisberger. Whenever i go in and out. I always order the rothlisburger. He's joined by offensive linemen. Gerald hawkins running back jalen samuels and linebacker vince. Williams must be isolated for five days in a soundproof cell. Now i don't know at. They will not be permitted to the. Up mc rooney's sports complex that the university of pittsburgh medical center. Maybe they can take part in virtual meetings. That's when you know someone hate you when they won't let you in on the zoom call. I just want to say next time we live up in this formation and we see too deep we away. What are you doing here Coded isolation yeah. We don't wanna repeal is getting covid. i know on a webcam. It's better safe than sorry. That's when you know you're hated it's hilarious. They're permitted to take part in virtual meeting. This isn't the bye week. The union may turn the bye week. Contact us don't wanna coming into the facility. We could if we need some medical treatment. But you're not you're not you're not you're not even allowed to contact your players during the bye week basically exist.

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