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Election officials and Sedgwick County say those trump off ballot boxes used in the November 3rd election were quote loudly popular and are here to stay. Drop off boxes were part of the effort to help voters social distance during the Corona virus pandemic. Voters who dropped off their ballots there didn't have to interact with anyone in person, negating the covert 19 threat. Check out your forecast is coming up. But first a check of headlines from Fox News A. Not so traditional Thanksgiving Across America on Lisa Brady Fox News from Dr Up visits at nursing homes in New York to health workers delivering food to quarantining covert patients in Utah and effort to make the best of a difficulty and sometimes heartbreaking situation. Is a long pandemic battle continues. We know that a small act of staying home is a gift to our fellow Americans. President elect Joe Biden offering reassurance that better days are coming in a Thanksgiving message posted online President Trump is scheduled to have a video teleconference with troops overseas after an out after an outing in his Virginia Golf Club.

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