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This'd news radio K l b J Now to act you weather for your radar weather. Watch for today Cloudy with a couple of showers and thunderstorm High 61 overnight Tonight periods of rain this evening. Otherwise mostly cloudy, low 45 for tomorrow Sunny and breezy with the high of 64 4 Monday breezy in the morning. Otherwise plenty of sunshine High 55. In the Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Max Gorilla NewsRadio. K. L. B. J is proud to be the home of Monday, Thursday and Sunday night. NFL Dave's join us for what is gearing up to be one of the most exciting and anticipated seasons of all time lose radio K. LBJ's NFL coverage is brought to you, in part by precision camera and video teller windows and doors of Austin on us. Ah Medicare annual enrollment is here and whether your Medicare plan is changing or your needs changed. It's time to take a look at your coverage. There isn't one plan that fits everyone perfectly. That's why you SA license insurance agents are ready to give you straightforward guidance to find the right plan for you from Medicare advantage to prescription drug plans. Yusa is made to

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