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Direction the inbound Kennedy also clear 20 minutes O'Hare to downtown earlier accident on the outbound side of the Hubbard Street Tunnel has already been cleared. It's now just uneasy 20 minutes back out to the airport, The Inman Eisenhower slow from Ashland to the Jane Byrne Interchange. 35 minutes route 3 92 downtown. Outbound seem just a little bit of a delay from California to pass Sacramento, making it 32 minutes out to 3 90 the Stevenson inbound. Slow approaching the Dan Ryan 33 from 3 55 to lakeshore drive 30 on the way Back out again north on I 55 all lanes are blocked us 52 accident route 59 to avoid that and looking at the inbound and Ryan, you are heavy from the Stevenson to the Jane Byrne interchange, making it 24 minutes in and 15 to get back out. Next traffic report at 3 38 on NewsRadio 7 81 of 5.9 FM. Thank

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