Actor Rick Moranis randomly attacked in Manhattan


Pushed around today in New York City? There was Rick Moranis are you talking about? He got literally was walking his dog. According to Fox News it like 7 45 in the morning near Central Park, and a dude just came up and just sucker punched him. Really? And he took himself to the hospital and he's doing okay. But we've we've talked about this. I mean, dare I say phenomenon. In New York, where people are just going up to strangers and just hitting on the side of the head. I mean, if somebody falls and smacks their head and dies, that's that's murder. Oh, yeah, 100%. It's insane. Yeah, it really is crazy. And by the way, I don't know if you know anybody that knows Rick Moranis by sort of like the don knots of show business rights. Nicest man in the world. Not asking for it. No, I minding his business right unless somebody You know, just f ing hates when kids are shrunk right down, and they just can't deal with that, Or they don't like to be called a hoser. That's right. Or they are a huge, huge fan of the total female cast of Ghostbusters. And they hated the male version, right? All of those things are true. Yeah, right. Yeah. Or if you know, maybe the you know you're right. He hated hoser. And and they also maybe he thinks you know Spaceballs was directed at him, right? Maybe he thought my blue heaven could have been better. Steve Martin. That's right. Maybe comes from a dysfunctional family where he didn't have two parents and he hates parenthood. Yes, you know, it's possible as well. So there you go. I think we've run out of his vehicle like a bigot. You guys were on a solid run

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