Trump 'doing very well,' White House physician says


Of staff Mark Meadows says President Trump is doing very well at Walter Reed Military Medical Center, The president's physician, Dr Sean Conlon. Just 72 hours into the diagnosis. Now, the first week of covered in particular day, 7 10 of the most critical and determining the likely course of this illness. Pulmonologist Dr Brian Garibaldi is treating the president a big plan for today, since he's in such great spirits and doing well is to encourage them to eat. To drink to stay hydrated to be up out of bed and to be working and doing the thing things that he needs to do to get well, Dr Matthew Hines tell CBS News. They're telling us some things, but not others, And that's particularly frustrating. So will tell us, for example, that the president's auction saturation levels 96% while walking around the unit. But when he was asked, Hey, so do the president ever have a fever? And if so, what was the fever? He wouldn't answer the question. CBS News Special Report. I'm Lisa Matteo to

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