A Star Wars and Marvel bonanza

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The price hike. It seemed inevitable. I mean it's still cheaper than netflix and considerably cheaper than hvl. Max i would say if people ask me whether or not get disney plus i tend to say like star wars and marvel. Do you have kids at which point. It's definitely word this the sheer volume of content. I'd say it's ok. Okay no for sure. I mean for me. I've got i've got kids. So disney plaza lock. I think anyone who's got a family. This is this is our ramaz. Get a among the many different streaming options that we have nowadays Let's get into the shows. I know star wars near and dear to your heart. So let's let's go there first. They announced or talked about ten shows. Let's let's break out. What are some of the new shows that you're excited for low because of out vehicle order Talk about soka. I dawson brought the character life in live action for the first time in season. Two of the mandalorian and that that's a lot like a backdoor pilot for this show. It's just like suggested that she had her own adventures. going on. this was not a surprise. It is a delight though. It is an interesting we. I think we talked about this earlier. The you know the fact that not to get too deep spoiler as they chee. She was offered a role to mentor. Baby yoda no. You really need to go somewhere else. They felt like definitely had that back door pilot vibe to because like i'm sorry i'm off to other adventures. I've got my own thing. Got to deal with and allow that did seem like a setup for its own show. I'm actually late my own. Tv show salena catch trade this game and it gave a pretty clear idea of what she was up to not to get into splutters between between that and the rebels finale. From a few years ago we have a good idea what her objectives are for this show. Yeah we don't wanna get too deep into spoilers. Maybe we'll we'll devote a whole episode of that later on this year to speculate on what what that might be both water. Somebody other shows that that were announced. It was the next big one we knew this was coming for a long time but they talked about a little with last night and give us a sense that or confirmed that it was filming next march And that christian hated christiansen was returning as dark later. Very very exciting news. That one definitely took me by surprise. tactic territory hidden christmas activator. That's that's interesting. As opposed to advocate skywalker. Which would suggest that he appeared in flashbacks as anikin. But saying he's vader would suggest maybe that he'll appear in four seasons or something that is unclear. It's definitely it's intriguing. Another property was with a character. That's near to many star. Wars fans hearts landau gets his own show yet. These were ten on the ground because we don't know if it's going to be live action or a cgi animated series. I feel like donald glover should be involved. Because he was so well received solo so fingers crossed that he will be returning and then there are a long list of other ones kind of run through them really quickly because we unfortunately only have so much time on this podcast okay so there was the ropes quadrant movie directed by patty jenkins of wonder woman fang which is really exciting. That's super cool. That'd be a fighter pilots. There's the bat batch which will be a follow up to the clone wars at those cartridge orig- use there. There's adore which is about caffeine door from roquan. There's tyco tgi movie which we still don't know what that's about our coop concert raiders of the republic. Which is set around the time. Line of the mandalorian and could be about current june because she became a marshal of the new republic but again that remains unclear star wars visions which is automated shorts from abbey craters. That's really cool quite different the acolytes which obviously is that almost excited with the malls because that is set in the era of the high republic which is two hundred years before the phantom menace. And it's like about some sort of a dark site warrior and it could reveal stuff about the Era some different cool. So those a lot. I know being a super star wars fan. I want to get your opinion on this. Is this too much star wars. It certainly was too much reward announcement. I think parceled out over several years. It should be okay especially since the movies will be quite so frequent. Like i remember when it was only like six months between the last year and solo that felt overwhelming with tv. It's a little different as so you can kind of watch out. I'm at home in a more relaxed environment. it's a lot of star wars. There's no escaping that. Yeah yeah yeah i mean. Brian made a good point before we start recording that you know a lot of these might be one off shows ryden. Obi wan will probably be a one-off sled that that kind of makes sense that they'd wanna have this pipeline but it was a lot to digest all in really what was about thirty minutes a thirty minute presentation just for the star wars section. They're just kept pumping out one announcement after another rapid fire a lot but also i think that's partly a function of the fact that they're no conventions this year star wars celebration was

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