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Look tells me that you didn't do on purpose. Says like says like slasher slash lascher liars extra ash. I forgive every how it was misspelled. But i definitely saw it. I meant text you right when i saw it. I didn't. it's been two months now so it doesn't really doesn't matter now doesn't make sense to go back and change now. Had half the amount of listen that we do like slasher slashers inside joke but it's actually just incompetent So yeah so you had a baby at your wife. Did i did little put my legs up out. Came barn rose that Yeah barnabus so a give it up for the newest the newest member of the family right here in the background. Yeah lindsay's with them in the other room He was crying like twenty seconds before press record so Well other than you becoming a dad. Is there anything else that you'd like to basically been my life. Catch the peeps on. Let's all this happened with me. What about you your uncle danger now. I'm uncle danger and it's not a joke. That's actually what we're going to have them. call me what's lauren lauren. Onto lorne emerged all over the place as far as names. Go mom and dad. Are they just grandma. Grandpa i guess so okay Yeah danger Because it's it's cool and we it shares the same first. Three letters is my name and it sounds like a little bit. Like you're saying daniel but you kinda you kinda messed it up which children do a lot. Yeah so maybe even if he were to try to single daniel. It would sound like uncle dan. You're yeah it sounds like uncle danger so Thank you shout out to zach roth for the idea what our dr are cross. We don't really have anything to share in nothing really going on yesterday. Was my birthday happy birthday yesterday from a recording. This i don't know more dropping it today dropping today. Okay yesterday then. Yesterday was my birthday. I'm twenty two twenty two years old and sing it I don't sing it okay. Copyright it was the only song i willingly listened to yesterday or like actively like i was in i was in stores and stuff and there are other songs playing. But i really only listened to taylor swift's twenty two. I don't even like the song i felt like. It was kind of a right of passage. You have to listen to it. I don't think i was alive when that song came out. You'll think you allies alive live. I'm sorry i wasn't twenty. Two yet are okay. I'm going to do a second. Take a slasher end. Yeah i don't know if this was the case last time that we recorded. But i just i just have like mini strokes. Every time i try to talk now. I just like mess up everything i get. My words jumbled up at always kind of been a thing. Where like. If i'm talking too quickly i'll start my words banal. It's just. I'll be talking super slow. And i just cannot get the words that i don't know what's going on with me but So i apologize from here on out for the show. If i just incomprehensible okay go buhler look i. I see that wasn't on purpose. It's just like i can't get a thought. Oh like all like beginning thought out but then midway through i'll think of a different way to say it so i try to like shift gears and it just doesn't work it's breaking it's breaking down and what's funny is i was actually just talking to austin about shout you austin Back in high school. I would do it as a joke i would. I would change sentence mid-sentence but like fluidly perfect and a lot of time. I would do to austin. He wouldn't realize so about three seconds later. Then he'd kinda like look over at me he was like what. How do you do that now. I do it but on accident and not good so age sucks. We do need to update we update. Okay i i i did something. Oh yes yes i stopped. I stopped it you start. Stop the madness daniel. Okay do you know what i stopped. The the moneymaking scheme right. I got conscious at like four in the morning when i was feeding my baby. I can't do it anymore. You can't steal money still money for my family and for my friends. and so They're welcome karen. And ethan corey suck bad. 'cause you already canceled. Tell us we just thought we thought we were getting that money w. worry we weren't and you cancel. Don't like that. And i even saw have recently. He didn't say nothing say nothing. Jeez what'd deep. What a dork. Cork corey dory dork or dory named cork. You cork cork Not corky. You're not quirky quirk your cork. It's like it's like porky pig but pork pig deer. You're okay should we say what this episode about rambling so classic community episodes. Yes for christmas. We we are going. Be a christmas episode by the end of the month. Maybe we'll we will By our first time back phillip lindsay. Just watch community all the way through And they love it. Yeah and we want to talk about it. And i thought it's been so long it'd be kinda weird to just do like a special episode jump right into christmas doesn't seem right. We gotta do a normal a normal normal classic countdown conversations episode Where we are talking about the best side characters and community. Yeah so we. We did this way. We're kind of going back to our roots with our arrested development episode episode like thirteen. I want to say it was arrested. Development it's been a while since i finished like sitcom right so so we're talking about and we did side characters for that as well or inside characters for this main characters dumb we did make characters for regular show dumb well. It's it's tough because if we did we'd left a lot if we do like main characters a lot of the time there's like close to ten vermont quite not quite or like. It's just like well obviously there's the ten main both side characters. It's a whole era. Yeah so Let's dive in after rambling on for however long that was and let's do our honorable. Mentions we do need to say a thing that we said makes you a side character. Oh yeah you're in it for at least three episodes three three or more episodes however we broke that immediately and we have. I think too that were going to mention that early. In two episodes sh.

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