Andy's agony, Cologne 1, St Petersburg and the longest ceremony


So. It's been eight long days since last tennis podcast I'm already slightly concerned that I've forgotten how to do. It feels like so much longer than eight days. I didn't know about you David and Matt but I feel ready for French Open relived already. Yeah. Let's just keep believing in reliving one. Last time. What's the minimum minimum period of time that has to pass before acceptable to relive sports? The all bets are off this year Catherine we can do whatever we like. PODCAST. You. Both already reliving being in the championship and winning football matches too soon for that to. It's painful. That's that's actually quite main Catherine. In what we're talking about matt tonight both support rubbish. Teams. As does Katherine in football it's just that attitude teams are in the better division where everybody else is too good for us and Catherine's Carney. Tall of the rubbish division. Reading too good for everybody else. Well, we set with second but you know it's good tough. skit tough guy isn't it some so much aim full day I mean you've set me up for that David because you are wearing West Brom Kit which is. Yep. All the gave it. NO IDEA OF I. Mean given the A. revealed. On fields. Clashes with Diego Maradona, just thought maybe. You might need. Or maybe the third. He knows how they'll need to stoop over the course of the season David is what I would say to that Matt. How was your? Another has been tennis this week and we will be talking about it. Don't worry about how is your sort of post friendship in week being? While I was on a football high actually with an actual point next forums name until you brought us back down to reality even reminded me that actually my team is quite rubbish. A fine fine week I enjoyed my first lion after the French Open. That's always a good moment. The Post Grand Slam sleep. Sort of extended into long into Monday. But I duNno, it's a weird time. The tennis I think anyway after the final Grand Slam of the season I, spend my I like I've spent many hours in my life telling people that tennis is a lot more than grand slams and I strongly believe that but. Having the Grand Slams as the focus of the season is something I definitely do believe in an event kind of building up to them. I just think once the Grand Slam season is done. It's Kinda difficult to tune in completely anyway, and I, think in this year more than ever it feels it feels that way. So so I did watch some tennis but certainly wasn't wasn't as plugged in as I normally am. Yet even in non Keva Times is feels like often like a slightly strange portion of the the season because as you say, it's not it's not part of a story. Necessarily I mean I K- in the events in the immediately prior to. Shenzhen is it would usually be ATP finals you get that kind of race for the final couple of spots and that can be quite good fun. That's a bit less the case this year because of how the rankings have been adjusted, oversee the on having their finals and actually only have one more event this season next week in a strove as it sheduled. The moment anyway but I mean, it's not. It's not just this Bush, this season I always feel quite similarly about that many Indo spell. ofter the Australia. Nathan. It just doesn't feel like it's part of a tennis story within the season. So yeah, it's kind of always little bit the case in kind of exaggerated I think by. By the pandemic speaking of kind of relieved I wonder whether for the first time, the Dow is actually got a chance to reflect on winning the French Open normally has straight from Paris into Wimbledon and this really busy time of the year when he's actually got some time now he's he's kind of set that he's uncertain whether he will play again this season I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't a tool, he's Kinda got some time to reflect on what he's actually done in the chief which I'm sure he has done over his. Career. He's not had that immediacy. I. Didn't think to kind of stop and think about it and oversee the same for eagles film tech. You know to win for Slam and have a to reflect on. It's quite it's quite different. To how it normally is May He could just bought his his yacht in. Mediocre. For the rest of the year. My Dad's little video if Nadal sitting on his yacht, talking about how great is during a hjort. This week and I thought Oh. Yes it does look great. Good for you. Yes, it's an adult Nidal's confirmed. He he said he won't play in Paris I think and joke of it. She said the same obse federal won't be there. either. We do expect Jacovic to play the ATP finals as it stands and he's playing Vienna's well, he signed him to play that one. Yeah I'd be surprised if we saw Dowell again this year personally i. think he he simultaneously wants to be respectful to the finals and I think he would like to have one at you know he's He's he's one. But Y- he he clearly, he seems to have a deeper appreciation of. What the world is going through on his feeling that really. Severely, I think and I'm sure when you when you've already got the amount of money in grand slams behind you and everything else this does less incentive anyway isn't the foot for somebody like him but but I just feel a he almost wants to clean slate now, and that's that makes me feel the the achievements have just coming out and concentrating everything on that French Open and pulling it off I. Know I know it was kind of bittersweet to him. I. Mean obviously a sweet victory, but you could tell how how he was uncomfortable. With celebrating in quite the same way. What an achievement that was. I completely agree with that. I also think just logistically. If, he's going to be going to Australia which he said he is planning to do you have to leave a lot earlier this year to to do two week quarantine when you get that plaza talking about having to leave to go to Australia in mid December had spend Christmas over there. Nadal's Of a family man he he likes being in familiar circumstances I think can settings and if he plays the Oh to that takes him quite late into November he's not then got much time home before we'd have to travel off again. I, think just practically it makes sense for him now to just be at home and then go off to Australia I. Think. Yeah, and as a resident of London I'd say this is. The best time. To be coming to the city if you can possibly avoid it, it's not necessarily showing itself off that it's best. So tennis this week ten has been happening this week. We have had events in Petersburg in Cologne recording Cologne. Warm because. We've gone from having no ATP events in Cologne on the calendar to having to in the space of three weeks and me the way the AP actually just says that cologne-bonn untrue. Yeah I mean. colonus I've been waiting for pandemic to hit to fulfil its tennis hosting dreams and IT'S ALL London buses through coming along at once.

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