Zeke on Dallas loss: 'I'm sorry; this one is on me'


Got smoked on Monday night Football by the Arizona Cardinals, 38 to 10 the final there and Kyi W's debut, RAM reports on what that means means to to the the NFC NFC East East standing. standing. Even Even though though the the Eagles Eagles are are 14 14 and and one one they're they're just just a a half half game game back back in in the the first first place, place, too. too. Oh, Oh, in in four four cowboy cowboy and and shovels shovels it it forward forward to to fumble fumble the the ball. ball. Zeke Zeke Elliott Elliott fumbled fumbled the the shovel shovel pass pass and and has has turned turned it it over over again. again. Brad Brad Sham Sham 1053 1053 The The fan fan in in Dallas, Zeke Elia to first half fumbles on Monday night in Arizona responded with touchdown. I want to say I'm sorry. This one's on me, and I need to be better for this team because of the loss. The heavily injured birds have a chance to squeak in the first place at least briefly Thursday night with a win over the giant NFC East, right. I mean, everything's still kind of offer grabs, and we're just trying to figure out how to how to how to win a game and how to, you know, get guys healthy. TTO play Doug Peterson Eagles finish Sunday's lost to the Ravenswood just two original starters on offense. Carson Wentz and Jason Kelsey Davey

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