Trump and Biden hit campaign trail after dueling town halls


Inviting campaigns preparing for multiple stops heading into the final couple weeks of the campaign. President Trump have a busy day ahead of him. He's going making those multiple campaign stops in Wisconsin and Michigan, then spending the night out in Las Vegas dividing campaign here in Delaware today, but the former vice president was holding multiple campaign stops this week, including in Michigan last night. Biden had a chance to speak to supporters about a number of different issues, including the auto industry, Corona virus and healthcare during that visit to South field outside of Detroit, But the former vice president refused to talk to reporters about accusations being made against his son Hunter and whether emails allegedly sent by the Bidens show any improper behaviour. Meantime, Biden's running mate, California Senator Kamala Harris, is off the campaign trail This weekend, she decided to postpone Travel and in person events until Monday, after two people Harris staffer and a flight crew member tested positive for Kobe Fosse's Mark MEREDITH.

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