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The way we've been, we've been told. I mean, they're little things you know, they threw it through. They threw Kayleigh McEnany the You know. White House press secretary. They tossed her off Twitter issue. Reposted New York Post article Charlie Kirk, the Great Charlie Car Keys, You know, an amazing young voice, and they ban his Twitter account because he agree, posted an article that a major media publication put out Which is, you know, I mean, they sent for us every single day. I mean, they censor every single day I notice all time work. I'll send out a tweet and normally have 50 or 60 or 70,000 likes on it. And as the 6000 like you're saying, they're saying there's no way I mean there's just no way they literally turn up and down the dial, and then You know, you'll have Biden put out some You know, some, you know, incoherent statement all the sonnets. You just see the numbers ratchet up. There's no question that there their fingers are on this election, and it's very scary to see some Young kid in Silicon Valley somewhere, literally pushing the news and catching up. Or down support for a person based on their own political beliefs. You know, that's that's censorship at its finest and them You know, I can tell you there's nothing that could cause an election more than that. Americans have a first Amendment right and Americans don't want to be censored, and I'm telling you, it's gonna backfire on them. It's gonna backfire and everybody seeing it right now. I'm telling you really quick. I mean, the fact that Facebook also assumes the New York Post story came out. The people from Facebook went on Twitter and said we're going to we're going to send to this. We're not gonna allow this to be shared our platform because whatever B s stories, they don't know it. But then it comes out the Facebook content Regulation manager, someone named Anna McAndrew, who was advising Biden on the Ukraine. I mean, you go from that. No wonder they don't want this stuff to be spread. This person literally was Biden advisor in the Ukraine, and then she's in charge of making sure nobody knows what really happened because she now works for Facebook. Oh, yeah, And by the way, that swamp is really deep to a man, you know, there's there's people that work a twitter that are now on his no transition committee, and you know all sorts of jobs over and you know, these are high level people on Twitter that You know what? I don't understand. Guarantee I get disgusting Text every day from these sickos. I mean, just the worst of the worst. Represent any party. There's a sick goes, you know, you know, lock Eric's kids in a cage with, you know, I mean, Things that you couldn't even fathom saying and gets what? You know what happens to those people? Absolutely nothing whereas Kaylie making any of the White House press, very retweets and article from The New York Post like the third largest paper in the country. And all of a sudden they throw her off of Twitter. Unbelievable. I mean, New York Post is still locked out of Twitter. They can't post on the platform there. Count still locked down. And then what are these people doing? One of these people doing and everybody sees through. It is no different than the debate commission. They're different than them. You know the disparity between what you saw from Savannah Guthrie at the You know what the account all the other night versus what you saw from Stephanopoulos, who may well have asked Joe Biden will cover the sky Was what flavour milkshake? Yeah. Hey, last one for me or how you guys feel about Arizona. Your dad's coming to Tucson today, Guys Still I mean, Trafalgar has your dad up four points. You know, I can't see your dad losing his. How are you guys feeling about Arizona? But we never take anything for granted. We never dio you know, buying spending four days on his face. He's not coming out, not a single public appearance, probably because of the hunter stuff until until the debate. That's all he's doing. And Yet my wife will be out there tomorrow. My father's there today. I'm gonna be out there a couple days. I mean, we work hard family. We do not take anything for granted. And then all I say is, get out there and vote and bring everybody out and vote and People do that. We're gonna have an amazing day. And I promise you we love Arizona. And I promise my father will never let you down. You will never, ever ever let you down and we're going to keep this country great. And we're going to, you know, keep our Ah Values of America, and we're not gonna let this country gets sold out to the, uh, you know, this radical left run by Yuan Omar and you know Nancy Pelosi and just We will work every second of every day and make sure that doesn't happen. All right, Eric Trump man and thank you for the time this morning, Looking forward to see your dad and you know you come back. Your wife's going to be in Scottsdale tomorrow. Thank you for the hard work, man really appreciate it. Yeah, it's great to be back on. Can wait. Speak soon. Same here. Alright, we'll continue. Eric Trump

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