T1 meets T1, Faker's Esports Org signs LoL's most controversial (and popular) streamer

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Minute presented by E Sports Network t one meets t one and League of Legends greatest player pair off with the game's most famous streamer. At least in the West Tyler one is one of the most controversial figures in the League of Legends Community mystery or became one of the most popular figure heads of the game mostly for his hilarious. But total toxic commentary Riot decided they didn't want Tyler wanted to be the face of the game and ban the streamer for two years from 2016 to 2018 during that time. Tyler one's popularity kept growing and fans would bring him. I said free tyler1 to LCS matches. He also is supposedly reformed from his toxic ways after being reinstated, but if you asked some higher-ranked League of Legends players on any servers, whether that's true Faith Like lie to get some mixed answers regardless right has welcomed him back and now so has its most famous Esports Org the winningest organization in Eagle Legends history is making a big push into a variety of other. Sports at the center of the org is Faker the best League of Legends player of all time and arguably the most famous Esports player to ever compete in any game Faker and tyler1 are actually friends or at least have Chrome content together in the past. I suppose it's hard to be toxic to a 3 time World Champ even for Tyler in an interview with Esports Observer, which I'll link below T1. CEO Joe Marsh said quote from us with someone like Tyler review this more as a Content creation partnership versus just a strict streaming deal with um, as a Creator. He doesn't need us for streaming. He's one of the biggest names in the game for us. It was about continuing to our field our brand here in the west. We have our anchor team here in Valor in but our league team is out in Korea and we're just building Roots here in the United States as we're historically career. So the idea of doing content with Tyler was really enticing a big personality and he's a great guy to work with there's no doubt. He's a big personality Marsh also

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