Your Signature (MM #3498)


The Maisonette with Kevin Nation my wife and I went out in early voted last Thursday here in Tennessee. I love the early voting because I hate standing in line. We own a stand in line for about twenty five minutes, which wasn't bad. I'm not complaining at all. But the one thing I keep reading about online is about signature matching from your voter card to your driver's license to the piece of paper you have to sign in front of them. But what's amazing to me is how people can expect your signature to be the exact same thing. Now my voter registration card is probably five six years old now and that card is only so small my driver's license which has a signature which was signed probably fifteen years ago when I got my tennis need his license is about the size. So it's probably smaller than a fingernail. So how can you match that signature to the signature on the card now, the signature is similar my signature pretty much looks the same depending upon where I'm signing it, but some people have a hard time matching their signature from one day to the next it's very sad, and there's got to be a better system. Is it time for a fingerprint match with all the technology we have there's got to be a better system. I'm voted. I think it went through and everything's good least. I hope so long

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