Los Angeles Woman From Woodland Hills Reunited With Family After Going Missing In Utah’s Zion National Park


Woodland Hills woman who's been missing for Almost two weeks in Zion National Park in Utah, Holly Corday was found alive the Rangers she's recovering from the ordeal. She got lost on the hike. She was out there by herself. Sister Gillian, telling ABC that the family and volunteers had an intense search for her in the park. I went out with a very experienced hiker, and we actually said, you know, we're going to step off the trails. We're gonna look where he could be now. One point we're hanging on the edge of a cliff and rocks are falling on us. And I thought Oh, my gosh, if this is my sister You know, I did, at one point think. How could she live Through this? The family says the 30 year old had lost a job as a nanny was traveling the country and a converted van just visiting the national parks. An experienced hiker Park Ranger told the NBC that she had taken a blanket with her, but the cell phone she'd left behind. She did not leave an itinerary. She did not leave. Any idea of where she was planning on going from. Another part is there led to her being found this morning. President Trump

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