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Into that Braintree split Now we had that earlier crashes Squad of street really jammed up the expressway. But things are getting better Route three South bound almost a mile back up into that Derby Street lane drop here in Hingham. 24 South bound. Watch out for fire department activity here at Route 44 Rain hand They're responding to a reported vehicle fire down there. Are you looking pretty good over on 95 No troubles here Lower into 1 28 A nice ride off the mass pike down into Canton and back Mass Pike itself. Trouble free ride for you About 15 minutes from 1 28 over to 4 95 or back downtown Boston. The river roads and airport tunnels are all in good shape. And if you're leaving the city on 93 North bound, you got about a 10 minute ride here from Boston. Up past 1 28 and into Wilmington. This

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