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Sponsored by Burke and Herbert Bank, where your business means everything. It's better it. Burke and Herbert Bank At your service since 18 52. I'm Rita Kessler. W t o p traffic. Well, you might know what you're having for Thanksgiving dinner. Now we'll tell you about the weather. Here's Chuck. A line of rain that extends from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast is coming our way So the sunshine in the first part of the day will be replaced by clouds later on in the afternoon, could have a couple of drops of rain during the evening hours, but are Main focus for rain, which could actually be moderated times and maybe even a Rambler to have thunder will be in the very early parts of Thanksgiving morning and should be over no later than nine or 10 A.m.. Some clearing later tomorrow and mild high 68 62 with some sunshine on Friday and Upper fifties on Saturday. I'm Storm team for meteorologist Chuck Belford. W T o P. 52 degrees in Rockville under sunny skies, 52 degrees in Ashburn, and it's 54 degrees and District Heights at 11 50. 1

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