In some cases, that may mean dinner


In our society for a long time, as people on families particularly play a smaller role and people's lives, people have been left on their own to deal with personal and inter personal pain. The estimates are that about 20% of people before called wood are struggled with loneliness, just by comparison, that's more people than struggle with heart disease or diabetes. And then along comes Cove it and that number has gone way up. People need social connections. We need each other when loneliness lasts for a long time, and it becomes chronic. It impacts our health and leads to depression and chronic biologic inflammation and to the kinds of maladaptive behaviors we see. Like rising rates of addiction violence. I think for a lot of people these days, there's a sense of serve. You know, you have to choose between your physical well being and those of the people around you and your mental well being that there's a tradeoff. Are there things we conduce a counter act on this?

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