California prosecutors say inmates fraudulently applied for stimulus money and may have cost the state $1 billion


The morning off. Unbelievable is the word used to describe the staggering unemployment check fraud scheme taking place behind bars all across California. CBS is Tim Ryan explains live help. Prosecutors suspect jailed inmates have fraudulently collected hundreds of millions of dollars in phony claims with the state's employment development Department, Tim Dan from County jails to death row, Tens of thousands of inmates received unemployment checks behind bars. Prosecutors say Ah, fraud totaling hundreds of millions of dollars, if not a billion was so rushed to get the money to people which you can understand, just didn't do the work and provide the security and the identification that's necessary to do it right. And those hundreds of millions of dollars of guns, progeny only tow people in prison. Hopefully they can get that money back. State Senator Jerry Hill of San Matteo is chaired hearings on the E D. D M s saying that fixes are in place now to catch this sort of fraud. This is a major Major disaster for not only employers in California, but it just shows the lack of oversight. Checks were sent to San Quentin's death row prisoners, although it's not clear whether the inmates perpetrated that fraud or whether others did it in their name. 21 people, mostly inmates have been charged with fraud here in

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