Ghost Stories Crossover: John Charringtons Wedding

Dog Tales


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We all took a liking to her. At the time it was fashionable to be in love with may like it was to wear heliotrope ties or inverness capes but nights often night in the boys club we held in a loft over the town settlers. John tell us how he alone would marry. Miss four stor. It wasn't that he was worthy per se but his laughable insistence only made us want to give him reasons why he shouldn't even though she was beautiful. We will tell him. She was no prettier than a farm animal. And even though john was rather well put together we would tell him she would never marry such an oath but these jests only strengthened his resolve The first time he asked her to marry him was right before he went up to oxford for school. She laughed and refused him. This made him quite a bit frazzled. But a few months later he returned from school full of vigor knowledge and confidence so he asked once more but again may laughed. Rolled had dazzling blue eyes at him and refused for time. John took it rather hard. He grew quite frail and his head thinned when he tried a third time may told him that he had formed a bad habit. John was down on one knee holding up. A bouquet of flowers may pity john so she took them but she pricked her finger on a rose and told him she was rejecting him for good so it was much to my surprise. when one. summer's evening john harrington walked into our little club grabs a pipe. House of sam elliott's mouth and invited us all to his wedding. Laughter burst from the smoke filled room. I spits out my drink and a couple of the drunk. Fellows fell from their chairs. A few ost to the young lady was or who would be dumb enough to marry him. The john wasn't phased by the jokes. In fact he seems quite amused looking brighter. Happier and more fit than ever almost unbelievably so he lit his pipe then replied. I'm sorry to deprive you of your entertainment this evening. Gentlemen but miss forced. And i ought to be married this september. We all thought he'd simply gone mad even ayden him an. I usually try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I see is true. Then i said john. Charrington is to marry the one and only may foster. John nodded smiling. Smugly well lend me pistol someone or a first class fare to the end of nowhere. Charrington has bewitched the only pretty girl in our twenty mile radius. I laughed and patted his back. He was like younger brother to me. And i had to tease him. You wraps kellyanne. Was it mesmerized or a love potion. That did it. John remained proud despite the laughter. Neither sir but to gifts you'll never possess perseverance and the best a man ever had said i smiled looking into jones is if i stayed long enough and deep enough i knew i could get to the truth of things but john. Just stead back unnervingly proud and confident. I'd never seen his blue irises. So vivid or his pupil so inky black. It was almost like gazing into a madman's eyes and i couldn't bed to look any longer so i turned my gaze to the ground and said well boys i suppose we'll be attending a wedding the september. Nobody knew how. John had ensnared. May forster dulled admit. I was curious myself. A few of us headed over to the church gardens where she liked to walk to ask her if it was true. She didn't deny it. She said she was to be married in the fall to john. Cheriton we asked if she had said yes out of pity but she only loved and her cheeks flushed or she would say was that she'd realized she loved him after. All women are strange creatures. We were all invited to the wedding. I of course was to be the best man and my sister. Elizabeth who is a good friend of maize was to be her bridesmaid. Elizabeth pestered me with useless. Talk about the bride's true so and she and her friends chatted about the floral arrangements over afternoon tea. It was an exciting thing in our small town. But i'm like me. She didn't seem interested in questioning the strange union. None of the women did nights after night in our little club. Everyone continue to suspect that may and john had concocted some sorts of elaborate joke but by the end of august the wedding was still not cancelled. They were getting married but still one question remained was may forster actually in love. I stopped asking that question one night. After encountering her and john in the church graveyard it was dunk warm and the moon full. She and john sat needs a knee on a bench amongst the tombs. He took her hand then knelt at her feet and declared my dear lady. I believe i should come back from the dead if you wanted. Me may opened her mouth to respond but john pressed his fingers to her lips then. She smiled the moonlight dancing on her pale skin. She glowed with have meant. She was madly in love but in early september. I saw a much more worrisome side of the brian to be not long before the wedding i was at the train station headed out of town on business. The coach was just pulling into the platform. When i saw john and his fiancee standing at the other end they will arm and arm looking into each other's eyes but even from a distance i could tell she was crying. I didn't want to bother them. One should never interrupt a couple when the middle of row. So i climbed into the train and took a seat in the first class. Not long after. John charrington hoisted his luggage onto the same carriage and spotted me in the cabin. He exclaimed ward luck. I was expecting rather dull journey. I asked where he was headed to bainbridge's state he replied. Bainbridge was john scott farther a particularly wealthy man who lived just a few hours away. John's signed an admitted. The old man doesn't have many days left. I'm afraid suddenly. There was a tap on the window.

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