Everyone stops talking about completion percentage, not mattering.


Points off Funny How that happens. 68% this year verse 58 last year. He is already Home. He's almost almost there. In terms of yardage last year to this year last year 3089 this year 2871. I mean, he probably passes that on Sunday. Is that crazy? November. He's gonna pass last year's yardage marker. Touchdowns. He's already passed last year, 20 last year 21 this year interceptions. He's on pace to to cross that as well. But as this also affects those other numbers, his passing of times there go our way up. So that contributes to the increase in interceptions. It also contributes to the yardage of the touchdowns but yards per attempt. It's not just he's throwing the ball more. That's why he's got more yardage his yards per attempt her way up. 6.7 last year, 6.5 in his rookie season 7.9 this year. That's a huge step forward for Josh Alan 287 yards per game and This is Heard a lot of jokes on Specially also the station. We're making too big a deal like we're finally we're going to shut up about the 300 yard games, right? What This is what this is What? The 300 yards at 300 Yards stat coming into the year where they hadn't had one in years. This is what we were looking for. It wasn't just all we wanted to get 300 yards, and that's it. It was a number that is represented. Bye. Quarterback play at the top of the sport. Which is where we wanna be. And now that Allen's done it Not once. Not twice, not three times, not four times, but five times this year. He's crossed 300 not to mention Two games above 400.

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