The Voicemail That Gets a 70% Callback Rate

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Most salespeople. Hate leaving voicemails. Now he asked him why most them say well because they don't call me back and reality is you're right. You're absolutely right. If you have the wrong voicemail. So the next few minutes. I'm a teacher my voicemail scripting that gets me over seventy percent callback where the have taught to literally thousands of reps over the last decade. You step by step exactly what to say how to say it. So as you'll listen to this only to really listen to the tone. And the words i say and also explain the why. It's so effective now. First off most within leaving voicemail at south something like this hey scott. It's marcus shannon with abc company. Hey i'm giving you a call. Because i wanted to show. His great solution has xyz benefit one time and calendar. Here's my number blah blah blah. Now you might get some calls back off that but it's usually pretty religious very very small percent. they'll call back instead. You want to shift it to this. Hey scott it's marcus. I'm calling in reference to abc company. Please going back on my cell five or one to two one nine nine nine nine again. Five four one two one nine nine nine. Thank you boom. that's it notice there. The tone it's firm. it's not enthusiastic. It does not sound like a sales person. So that by itself is a pattern interrupt. They're like ooh what's this all about. The second pieces knows how limited information you gave. I didn't say it's marcus chin. Said it's marcus when he say it's marcus or it's your name the first name the psychology behind is they recognized as a. How should i know this person So they're going through their heads into the voice mail now he's to peak some curiosity and then the piece is north. Korea didn't instead named company. You're working with us. Dropped a reference in our reference should be an existing company. You do business with so now. They're like oh what's this all about. So now what's happening is you provide a limited information. You're told is firm. You don't like a salesperson and now ukraine fomo in their in their mind fear messina. They're not sure why you left voicemail and as a results that will lead to a higher likely to them listening to it and call you back now. Have you also noticed as well. It's very short. Voicemail maybe fifteen twenty seconds long so easy and fast for them to listen to and be able to decide what to do next. And here's what's really powerful. Let's say for example. Yuli voicemail on a monday and you wait two days and you decide to call them again. Wednesday and you'll leaders zack. Say message again verbatim with nothing changing. Think about if you're on the receiving received to the same voicemail of someone standing firm and preliminary information in which their tone is creating. Its firmin's now your chance of them call you back increases. And what's amazing is when you do as consistently with every single voice you will see. You will get more calls. Because they're not sure why or call and when they're calling you they're guard is down and they're more open to the conversation okay and there are thrown off. That's very powerful state to have your project and when they're calling you and i promise you do consistently for every single call the exactly verbatim how i said the tone. You will get more called the ever gone before and i have had reps who say. I'm not sure i was going to work for me. But then they commit to for a full week. Every single the voicemail. They saw got more calls back than error. Of course more practice with tonality in the firmness you will see. Your converses will also skyrocket as a result.

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