Salvation is Found in God Alone (Hosea 13:4)


Hosea chapter thirteen verse. Four but i am the lord your god from the land of egypt you know no god but me and besides me. There is no savior when a clear picture of the supremacy of god of the fact that in the words of acts chapter. Four verse. twelve there is salvation No one else. There is no god but the one true god amidst all the idols of this world amidst all the false gods of the world things people ideas set up as god. There is no god but one the lord who is god no god but him and besides him there is no savior. Think about that important that is for each one of our lives to constantly remember. We do not look to anyone anything to save us but god this or that person whom we love no matter how wonderful they might be. Day cannot save us. They cannot fully satisfy us. They cannot meet our deepest needs as we look to leaders in rethink about leaders in the world. Even as we've prayed leading up to presidential election in the united states through this podcast. Clearly no leader can save us our salvation. Our hope our trust are not in leader of a country. The leader of a church the leader of an organization. Any man woman any person anything. There's there's no achievement. We can attain. There's no level we can get to know position. We can climb to know possession. We can own that if we just get there. Then we'll be satisfied then we'll be fulfilled. Its ally straight from the adversary that constantly surrounds us in this world. In god speaks crystal clear and hosea chapter. Thirteen verse for i and the larger god. There is no god but me and besides me. There is no savior so we pray. Oh god you alone are god. We confess that together right now. There are no other gods but you all the gods. The nations are idols. You alone are the lord and we say this from our hearts. Oh god may we not look to money as an idol two possessions as idols to sports sex success. Anything this world offers. None of it can fully satisfy us. None of these things can meet our deepest need. No person can meet our deepest. Needs you alone. Can you alone. God you alone. Are worthy of all of our worship. You alone are worthy of all of our praise. You alone are worthy of all of our. Trust your worthy of all of our allegiance. you're worthy of all of our hope. You alone are god and you alone our savior. Jesus you alone can save us from our sins we say based on your word there is salvation found in no one else. There is no other name under heaven whereby people can be saved. Jesus you alone can save people from sin. There's no other way to be saved from san. There's no other way to be satisfied and our souls but in you so with that reality god. Please give us urgency today to proclaim your salvation in jesus. God gives us urgency today to point people to jesus alone as the one who can save golden repay that we would not be silent with this reality. There is no savior. Besides jesus go to repay that. As the church we would make known to the ends of the earth. Cowdery pray for the southern us beck and afghanistan over four million of them for the few believers here there. We praise you for your salvation. Among southern who's back people in god. We pray for the spread of the gospel through them for the spread of jesus name as savior among the southern. Who's back of afghanistan gallery. Pray we it. Jesus name would be exalted in afghanistan as savior and lord and god. Oh god we believe. Jose chapter thirteen verse. Four you are the lord. Our god we know no god but you and besides you. There is no savior and as such we seek you. We worship you trust in you. We yield our lives to your lordship we ask you to lead us in. Guide us indirect us for your glory as the one and only true god in jesus name in the name of our savior. We pray

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