Camille Selvon Abrahams on the animation industry during COVID

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I am also the founding director glenn emissions do so we are continuing work work from home and i think that's what is happening a lot with animation studios. That's what i'm hearing from my international friends. Who are doing these sort of things similar to what we are doing that. We are working from holes. And i think animators maybe creative on a whole we kind of okay with that. You know we we at least from me my experience being anonymous you enjoy that into law saying you enjoy going in yourself. So working from hall is not a big deal for us so a lot of will now actually is going on from whom we doing. A lot of commercial syllabi actually. Doing outsourcing from international students from various small jobs that we actually functioning. So it's a good thing for us. We were able to adopt nice earlier on in the year. I talked to a guy are is. He has a animation studio in tokyo and he was sort of saying pretty much the same thing like they've been working from home some of them do come into the office. I think when. I talked to him. He was in the office. They were only him in like one other person but yes seems like for animation. It seems like that's actually preferable because it's so detail oriented. Yes yes actually works. I spoke to one of the big agencies that the sofa toon boom animation in canada and they said because of this shift companies are now thinking. Well okay we just continue like that. In covert or no covert will king from whole final mission and game and game. It's looking for the industry. No you founded full circle. Animation studio like several several years ago. How has the company really changed over the years quite a bit. When i returned from london i studied that. Goldsmiths mincy on i. I made a decision to come back to the caribbean. That was a big step because trinidad and tobago. We are oil and gas country. That's what economy is based on me coming back and windy creative digital type correa. Abviously was a challenge. Because that's not what we are accustomed to so coming back with. Difficulty took about previous to kind of get on my feet as far as the studio on after the ten ta gratin business now his name is jason lindsey who had a very strong business background so without sort of thumb partnership where you have decreased if any business it really really supported the studio from becoming micro stew into a relatively successful outsourcing to handy caribbean. So that's kind of how it's moved and now we are. We are considered one of the outsourcing studios in the caribbean. We've outsourced with pro. Hbo's of our. Will you know you see on each be on cotton. We've we actually have a one hundred and international productions

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