Fraternal Twins Murder Case: Echos of Cain & Able


David melfi was a troubled young man who took an active role in the killing of his attorney brother and leaving him to die in his own. Blood michael melfi is twin was found in the basement of the family home in a pool of blood. David was charged and convicted first degree murder in march nineteen ninety five and the connection with the slaying of his brother. Michael david melfi found himself in an unusual role. He was both relatives of the victim. And the convicted killer. David malthus attorney neal's aibo told the genesee county jury. The david malfa horrible terrible judgment but he denied his client. David melfi killed his brother. Michael yet there was no evidence that david tried to help his brother. Michael who was stabbed forty five times. The jury heard the claim. The david malki was guilty of no more than being an accessory after the fact to a murder because he was not directly involved in the killing mel fees trial attorney cast doubt on an alleged accomplice in the brutal murder. His name was patrick again. Kenny who accepted a plea bargain and testified against mouthy at the jury trial in flint michigan. Can he plead to a second degree murder charge. He testified under oath that he and david melfi plan to kill michael melfi and other family members if necessary so they could take their family van and fleet of florida or texas kimmy told flint please detectors that michael malki was lured into the basement where he kenny tried to slid michael malfeasance throat but was unable to win. Michael began to fight back kenny. Then call david melfi to the basement to help him during the struggle. Patrick kennedy testified that the brother david melfi provided a knife and how down his twin brother as ken. Kenny stabbed him repeatedly. Forty five times in all it's a useful exercise to look back at the book of genesis chapter four and the new international version of the bible now able kept flocks and cain worked in the soil. And of course at time cain brought some of the fruits of the soil as an offering to the lord enable also brought an offering fat portions from some of the first born of his. The lord looked with favor unable and is offering but kane but on cain and his offerings in not look with favor so cain was very angry and his face was downcast. Then the lord said to cain. Why are you angry. Why is your face. John kass do what is right. You will not be accepted but if you do do not do. it's right. Sin is crouching at your door. It desires to have you but you must rule over it. Now cain said to his brother abel. Let's go out to the field while they were there in the field kane attacked his brother abel and killed them then the lord said to cain. Where's your brother able. I don't know he replied. And my brother's keeper the lord said what have you done. Listen your brother's blood. Cries out to me from the ground. It is downright spooky that the story of david and michael melfi is nearly identical to the first recorded murder found in the bible like cain. David melfi was jealous of his twin brother who had animosity towards his parents also like kane confronted by his father. Adam about the killing of his brother kane told his dad adam that his brother abel laid on the ground with many wounds kane told his father he was not sure that he inflicted any of wounds especially fatal ones simple terms. Cain denied the obvious and he refused to accept responsibility for the death of his brother abel. This was not just to his father but to god who confronted him and punished him with isolation unfathomable to me donder. Stand that high school. Kids could demonstrate such talapity this new age case of cain and abel still shocks me today

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