What to Feed Your Heart


Twenty five seasons four thousand five hundred sixty one episodes. I believe the oprah winfrey show was one of the greatest classrooms in the world. A rolling their bottom at the moments. The breakthroughs connections the occasional. Ugly cry so carefully missing. Every single minute l. o. Ell's the moments that matter. I o blue light lessons. Never allow them to take you somewhere else. I'm bringing them back. It's time to open the ball. I've personally chosen these classic episodes to share with you again. Every single person you ever will meet shares that common desire. They want to know. Do you see me. do you hear me. That's what i say mean anything to you. You're listening to the oprah. Winfrey show the podcast. We got such a huge response after the recent show we did about active women in their thirties and forties. Having heart attacks huge. Many of you were shocked to learn that. It's estimated that one out of every two women will die of heart disease today. What i wanted to do was to see how you may be able to prevent and reverse heart disease plus game more energy and lose weight to dr dean. Orangish is here to show us how he is the number one expert in the country on this but first we heard from women who say they saw that show just in time. I got an email. I feel that. When i was doing the show i was doing the show. And i'm thinking i know there are. Millions of people who are watching and some of those people are going to have a heart attack. Today i could feel that. Well i got an email from thirty nine year old mom thirty nine years old in south carolina who said she had been ignoring pain in her arm nor cork wrote dear oprah. Your show saved my life. When i saw it i recognize that i had the warning signs. I went to the doctor. He told me. I was on the verge of having a heart attack. Another email came from a forty year. Old mom in florida forty years old. Who didn't know why she was sweating and anxious. So janet mccarter wrote that. After seeing our show and heart disease. She went to the hospital. She says thank god. I did because the doctor told me. I had an abnormal. Ekg and was a hair away from having a heart attack. Who knows what have happened. Had i not seen that show and this is thirty one year. Laurie from new york. Thirty one years old. Who says that show saved her life birthday party for my daughter and i started feeling this pain right into my left shoulder blade kink or a net and it didn't get better and then it started down into my elbow and i felt this pain in my jaw and undertake in here in my throat and then it was very painful. It was gripping like visiting your phone. And then i just got the palpitations. This racing of my heart. I felt like like. I got off track machine at age. Thirty one mean you're not thinking heart attack. I'm thinking well. I went to my local. Ymca i probably pulled a muscle. Heart disease is killing women. So i was watching the show and there was a girl who was in her early thirties and she had the same exact symptoms as i had the pain star radiating down my arm. I knew immediately. My blood just ran cold at we left for the emergency room directly after the show was over when we got to the emergency room. A pretty much treated as if you know someone who's pulled a muscle and i said you know. Look i i saw. I saw the oprah winfrey show today. And i want my heart tested simple as that i. I have three kids at home. I want to get back to them. I pushed i got the ekg. And the cardiologist decided that definitely. i'd had a heart attack. I had a forty to fifty percent chance of dying. I definitely felt like the show saved my life. I had to vowel that. I would never smoke again. I had vowed that i would eat the right things before my heart attack. I would've. I would've guessed i was pretty healthy. We were going to the gym two to three times a week before my heart attack. I was smoking about a pack and a half a day for breakfast. I usually had a couple of cups of coffee. And i was out the door for the day. No time to eat looking back on our diet. It was scary. We were eating a lot of high fat high cholesterol foods. That just simply aren't good for you. On the average week. We got out probably three times a week. We ordered pizza and chicken wings at hotdogs. I'm terrible sweep fanatic and i love cake and doughnut. It's a new beginning new beginning for myself and for my family we're going to get on a regimen to eat better and then the rest of life we can just enjoy it so today we're going to show lori and millions of you. Who are concerned about how to make your heart healthier for over twenty years. Dr dean orange has been making headlines as the first doctor to prue to prove. Now the heart disease can really be reversed by changing your lifestyle. He is the author of five selling books including reversing heart disease. Eat more way less and love and survival. Doctor says that millions of people have made their hearts healthier on his plan and he's chefs even gave the white house in air force. One two menu makeover. They were eating too many hotdogs. Dot order says that for many people voiding heart disease avoiding. It is as simple as making two or three changes. So we're going to talk today about if you already have it how to reverse it and you have proven that you can reverse it not do medication but through diet and also if you want to prevent it and you don't already have talked to artist. Says he's eating. Plan is easy to customize depending on if you want to prevent heart disease or if you already have it and you want to reverse it so if you already have it if you had a heart attack at you have it if you have a heart attack immune to already have and as you know heart and blood vessel diseases kill more men and women than virtually everything else combined and yet if we simply put into practice what we already know. We don't need to wait for a new breakthrough. Disease could be as rare as malaria think it has to be a new drug or new laser or something really high tech and expensive people have a hard time believing that these simple choices that we make each day like. We eat how we respond to stress. How much exercise we get Whether or not. We smoke the quality of the amount of love and social relationships. And if you smoke. I read that if you smoke. Take birth control pills that you quadruple your chances. That's right. yeah if you quit smoking within a few years risk is as low as if you've never smoked at all really so alana this damn at your body has a remarkable capacity to begin healing itself if you give it a break because your body is trying to work with you to help you every day working on cleaning out the toxins saying would you work with me. Please bright if three times a day. You're eating more fat and cholesterol than your body can get rid of. It's got to go somewhere so the premise of all the things that we're talking about today is really to treat the cause. Dr arnn says you need to know your cholesterol

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