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Hello everyone welcome to another episode of sound rise. Podcast hello alexander. How're you doing today. I m doing pretty well. And i'm really happy to announce some good news for the product is something that i will listen to us. We'll probably notice right away. I've got some new equipments your microphone so i had to announce new broadcasting air great to hear and thank you so much for your support dear listeners that allows us to improve the quality of our podcast and we want to thrive to be even better in the future. So we're open to any and also any suggestions that you may have for us so check us out on patriots but also check out our social media pages as well so without further ado. Let's get down to business today. We decided to cover a more modern artists for a change. Because the last couple of times we covered a lot of classics. But now we want to talk about a very exciting young artist so alexander. Who are we talking about today. Yes as you said. It's a more modern artists. That's what he wanted to do. Because we've been talking a lot about those Let's say older acts so today. We're talking about michael key. When i was the one that chose that artist and the reason why i wanted to cover michael. Today is one because she is friend. Also collaborated with danger. Mouse a guided. We mentioned before on the podcast. One of the founding members of broken bells house barkley and also a well known producer. Mike akebono quickest his kind of been circulating around the internet as a young promising talent using his been mashing might social media a lot so wanted to kind of explore Was kind of a mystery because a couple of years ago just once signed from him. I think it was on a radio station so I didn't quite know what to expect him. The let's i share couple of info about so microchip Thirty three years of age. A young man from london born and raised another bugs. He is off ugandan descent before he started his Solar career he had been i a session guitarist and the later on when he started soloing. It was known as a Support for adults concert. Sukey supported her at some of her concerts at into in two thousand and eleven signed a deal with the door records which is also record Still releases album sander. His first opera came to the scene of two thousand twelve called home again and it's might way receiving a lot of praises in a lot of good ratings so far. He has released three hours. We're gonna discuss all of them today. Michael kiwanuka is very known for stating his identity. And trying to kind of explain how it is to be proud of yourself to find your place in society to accept yourself for who you are and his lyricism is pretty much about those issues about those feelings which we will say a minute. Some of his major influences our oddest reading. Ray charles bob dylan the band funkadactyls really really good and famous names. They're vowed unsure. You love some of them or all all all right.

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