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The crisis in ethiopia continues to escalate members of the un human rights council such as iran and venezuela s. The united states to stop with this human rights violations violence breaks out in the ivory coast over recent election and azerbaijan and armenia signed a peace. Deal this is the world at large and we are politics one thousand and one hello and welcome to another episode of the world at large your place for international news If you're listening to this you probably enjoy news and caught cass. So i do believe you should leave a five star review and maybe even friendlier paragraph. isn't that right josh. Yes definitely and of course share and tell all your friends because when you guys leave reviews and you make grow than it makes us so happiest but we need to earn that. So why don't we just jump into the news right now so we have a little bit of a crisis in the horn of africa. Which if you don't know it's countries like eritrea. Djibouti ethiopia and somalia. They're all they're they're all having fun however ethiopia have a little bit less fun because a lot of analysts say oh might be on the verge of civil war so let's look at that what let's see why the opium might be at the situation. So the situation and unity between the gray and people of ethiopia and the central government run by the aroma has been experiencing study deteriorate deterioration especially in the last month so although the relationship has always been relatively unstable the government and the capital of a disabled has been keeping a close eye on their counterparts in the north. So let's breakdown some of this vocab real quick seal it. So what are the terrain people to grain people are. That's a good question. It's a good question. So now they are people that are in the north of ethiopia. They are about six percent of the population. So they're not that big but they're certainly sizeable chunk and they exist in the province in the north. It's right on the border with trae and they're not very happy right. I feel like ethiopia's kind of infringing on their rights as a province in as a people they want their. They want their ability to do what they want such as holding elections for example. And it just so happens that there wasn't election time it was election season in tigray and ethiopia ethiopia. The central government. Said no no no. Listen tigrayan people. I know you want. I know you have elections. I want you to want to have elections. I understand but in in. This is really important to you right. There was a virus. So you're not going to be holding these elections you understand and the two grand paypal said i definitely do not understand. In fact i'm going to go and hold elections right now now that you've said that into the legal so they went on and they held some elections. And what did the central government ethiopia say. Oh they said why did you do that. you are in a lot of trouble Mr green people you have violated on. You've crossed the line and we are going to make sure that you learn your lesson so you have absolutely no right and this is not the first time you guys do not respect us users jealous because of our past histories and we're gonna get into in a minute and you guys are just overall very disrespectful. You're going to hold elections now that that that's that's it well. I know what. I'm being rebellious and really wanna rebel against my parents or something. I just i just hold elections. I is really gets on your right there and it really gets under their skin. Classic rebellious teenager move. Yeah the people are in fact. The emblem of a raliess teenager so again. Despite this order from the capital not to hold the election coronavirus concerns the tigray in the tigray people's liberation front which is also known as the teepee aleph which runs area of the game anyways and when the government said that's a legal day were kind of mad and especially when the parliament. The parliament itself declared the elections legal. So not just the prime minister who they don't like but also the parliament so i'll be off. Mid the prime minister of ethiopia said this on twitter in response to the anger and open resistance from tigray and quote criminal elements cannot escape the rule of law under the guise of seeking reconciliation in a call for dialogue. our operation aims to end the impunity. That has prevailed for far too long and hold accountable individuals and groups under the laws of the land and quote some essentially. What he saying. This was on twitter. He got about thousand likes so. It's pretty legit. The people were like we stand with rock mod who love you and so That's comments section on twitter. I was reading In anyways he he got. He got a lot of support. This is quite a popular thing to say in if you live in the capital if you live in lands around there if you're in a romo majority ethnic group hopes however if you are a gray in person it's not as popular So what he saying is you're gonna have to follow the law. You're not some special people can just do whatever you want. I know you're a minority. I know you're percent but listen it's not talking fly here. I'm in charge. I'm the prime minister. I know you guys used to rule the country but not anymore And yes they did. In fact rule the country which again we will talk about the history of this But both sides decided that we're going to threaten each other so both of them threaten each other with military action and on friday ethiopia. The central government carried out airstrikes over to territory as a means of limiting the The region's access to like radars and missile stockpiles. Anything else that they could use to resist the actual i'll just up above and so Mr achmad the prime minister also ordered that all phone lines not great as well as internet be cut Which is where the swirl. The human rights groups have decided to speak in amnesty international. Denounced this they said why couldn internet service. That has nothing to do with it. There's expected to be hundreds if not thousands of of refugees fleeing to sudan so overall not the best situation People are concerned that look the people that are stuck in the middle of this government conflict. Who live in tigray are the ones who are going to be feeling the brunt of the things like internet being cut out in an actual war that airstrikes that are going on so abi aad mid actually won a nobel peace prize for ending the conflict with neighboring eritrea when he took power but this region as a whole as a new challenge and he even declared a six month state of emergency in the region to restore what he deems to be on order however that she grinned people do not see that as law and order in fact they see it as the opposite. They think that they're fighting for their sovereignty. They think they're fighting for justice and they just just in general they want they want to be back in power. So what do i mean by this. What do i mean by. What do i mean by them. Being back in power well. That's a great question. He in fact you're just on top of it today because this is a really important question. So that ukraine people since nineteen ninety-one. One as i said they are six percent of the population.

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