Episode 152 - Adam Haidary

Cleared Hot


Thanks for bearing with me and listening. Even though i know some you sons a bitches jump ahead my guest today. Adam dairy we were connected the beauty of the internet. I think it was actually instagram. I think i slid into his. Dm's or he slid into mine. And i will admit. I don't know if i'm using that term properly. Adam though runs a pretty awesome. Instagram page called police police post. I was called that police. Police normal spelling posts which is the world's largest training police platform on instagram. They focus on education and training for police officers in the public through the real world incidents. That are happening. All around us sue. It's a spoiler alert or disclaimer. If you follow this page which. I recommend that you do. Some of these videos are very hard to watch. So what does adam. Why is he doing this. And what background is he have. Well he spent seven years in law enforcement to them as a full-time training. Sergeant he can and we did on this episode. I had him speak at length about his experience and his perspective. And that's what he is using. That's the lens that he is looking through the posts on police posts about through. He's also the founder and ceo effective fitness training Science and data driven fitness program specializes in developing more effective and prepared police officers. He's also a in the middle of a never ending love affair with jitsu. He's a blue belt. And i do not think he will become or go down the path that many blue belts do which is quitting. It's been said that blue belts black belts quitting. I don't see adam quitting anytime soon. But nominee shut up and let him speak for himself at an amazing time sitting down and talking with him. And i hope that the conversation that we had at least sparks conversation in the listeners. Episode number one fifty two with adam who dairy enjoy smoke filled with smoke. I'm looking at danger. Close now so bad. It's about podcast again. We talked podcast. And you just say. I just don't really hot casting. I don't have much. I mean. I had some really good people lined up to be on it and it just didn't become focus right just i had other other ventures it very tough is who do a consistent podcast which i would say would have been. The quality has to be judged by other people. Sure but it takes more probably than people would think like. Actually we just started doing. I'm like oh this is so easy. Let's just have a conversation about the dumpster. Fire of twenty twenty. And what's going on your occupation. I actually just saw picture actually at the capital brewery. Not that long ago. And i just saw somebody scribbled said Make america greater or make trump great again or something like that and then it said hang trump. It's a very weird time. It is last week thing last week. There was what i call it. I'm trying to be descriptive yet. Polite there were. There's a war two memorial down down the street. You'll if you go on main street and take right in two blocks. There's a section of grass and then there's very obvious memorial to soldiers that memorial is at risk of nothing but occasionally it will have armed guards that are not on the payroll of anybody. I don't know where they come from. I sometimes it's tuesday at like four. Pm sure sometimes. it's sunday. I don't know what kind of watch schedule. They are on but they show up so they were there the other day And they were waving my favorite flag ever which is trump's head on rambo's body crossed sixty with a machine. It's both the most ridiculous. Yeah and so then. Across the street

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