6 alleged militia members arraigned on terrorism charges


Learning more about arrested yesterday when the FBI revealed, what they say was a plot to kidnap Michigan Governor, rhetoric Whitmer the state file terrorism charges against members of a local right wing. Croup. Local television station, W., X. M I in West Michigan reports back in May one of the men charged the state's attorney general appeared on stage at an anti whitmer protesting grand rapids with the sheriff of nearby Berry. Cownie was a guest speaker reporter at that Station interviewed the sheriff who I said he wasn't very familiar with the case, but then seemed to take a pretty striking position for a law enforcement officer. Being on stage of the guy who's now being charged in a plot to kidnap the. It's just a charge and they say a plot to kidnap and you gotta remember that are they trying to kidnap because a lot of people are angry with the governor and? They, want her arrested. So are they trying to arrest or was it a kidnapping attempt because you can still Michigan if it's a felony, you can make a felony arrest and I think it's MC l. seven, six, four, point four or something like that point five somewhere on there. And it doesn't say if you're elected office that you're exempt from that arrest. So. I have to look at it from that angle and I'm hoping that's more what it is. In fact, the these guys are innocent till proven guilty. So I'm not even sure if they had any part in it. Okay. The men arrested that he was one of whom he was in a picture with at a rally appear to have been embedded in a larger movement both online and in real life of extremists that have been targeting the governor Michigan. NBC. News reporter Ben Collins has a piece today that explores all of those connections and he joins me now ben I I just want to get your. Reaction I mean that you know the sheriff saying look maybe they were just trying to make a citizen's arrest and actually that's fine because I've looked at the state law and the State Law says you can. It doesn't matter if you're elected official was a little striking but made me think that maybe this was something that had been in the discourse among the kinds of people who've been protesting the governor. This people 'cause play as going to kidnap people all the time. It's hard to know when exactly they're serious they talk about this frequently in fact, in these texts, they didn't just have a vague plan to arrest arrested personally citizen's arrests are, which is also home. Alicia thing in driver Wisconsin where they thought you would have a trial and another guy said, hey, why don't we just go to our front door shooter? That's the sort of rhetoric that they were talking with. This was that guy is not correct is not a living in reality with the rest of us because you know he he has a compatriot, they're basically in these militia movements are trying to not just organized with each other but organized with local police to create a a a movement with within themselves. They do this on social media do this real life at these rallies it's very dangerous and something that we're seeing constantly authored the essays. Yeah, there's been. There's been real alarm bells rung about sort of the the law enforcement and extremists. Intermingling or extremists inside law enforcement the at a piece about the oath keepers which is. One of those groups, what are you? What have we learned about these these individuals who are who've been accused and charged in this particular case and what they're kind of worldview was. Sure. So there from a hodgepodge of various different militias, conspiracy movements that happened on the Internet now. There's an umbrella term for this called the Bugaku. Now out, the Google comes from a fortune meam or ten is an extremist website in the boo blue comes from the term civil war to electric Google sounds like a joke sounds very funny or whatever. It's not. This is a very serious thing. militia movements have used this to recruit in these extreme spaces and on facebook as well and they take people who are just like gun communities or a libertarian communities in try to gain the algorithm to get people into these spaces. So a couple of these people were seen wearing Hawaiian church. Google blue outfit. If you will two of them were actually at this liberate Michigan protests that happened a few months ago. The president tweeted liberate Michigan. Then there were these people on the you at the capital. Two of those people were at that exact. So. This is a real life movement. It's an online movement in certain converging right now. Look Chris. I think, let's say the quiet part of your worries. This is not going to go away in in November and December it's going to get more and more dangerous in the more people you talk to who are extremism researchers realized that it's at fever pitch right now people are ramping up very excess. So we're all very scary. Frankly we're we're in this purgatory were about to see things really hoping we're we're not about see things happening, but they keep talking about it in these in these faces thankfully now, they're going to be some arrests.

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