In all last toughing field episode Dr Steven Fidget were planning on Swiping the Horn of plenty centerpiece from a table of the first Thanksgiving in Massachusetts in sixteen twenty one, they were in the perfect position to achieve this perilous plan has just been invited to the east by the WHUMP inaugur leader Mesozoic again for inviting me and my men to feast with. You this afternoon, Governor Bradford. Well, if it weren't for you and the rest of the law, the tribe none of this will be possible. So thank you say who were those two shady looking individuals over there? You mean the small sock shaped guy with the blue headdress and the tall pasty looking guy indicate yes there were they. That's little. Heel toe the. Native, American and Eaten Bacon they settled they come with. You know we just met them on the outskirts of the plantation. We thought they were with you married. We have room for two more sure why not might as well feed the whole country while we're at it, they're going to have to sit at the kids table though that's fine. I'll let them. Know Ask Governor Bradford Directs Dr Steven Feature to the Kids Table Let's join Dr Floyd, Dr Grant and chips who are watching the actions of the two villains from nearby. Will you look at that Dr Steven fidget got invited to have dinner maybe they're on the guest list Dr Grant There's no guest list for the celebration. There's always a guest list, Dr Floyd Already you know it's too bad. They didn't serve Turkey at this meal we could have failed Dr Steven featured up with so much trip fan that they'd fall asleep and we could drag them back to their ship. Let me guess you're GonNa tell me that even if they did serve Turkey, it wouldn't have mattered because Turkey doesn't contain trip to fan I'm not going to tell you that. Oh, really. Yeah. Tell you tell him chips actually to ground. As you approach, defend is an amino acid that is a natural sedative and although Turkey does contain tryptophan. So does milk beef and beans, but in very small amounts. That sleepy feeling you feel averaging big Thanksgiving meal is usually Mutu everything all that carbohydrate rich. I'm sorry I even brought it up Nolan Daddy did that to grant because it's given me a brilliant idea. Quick put on these settlers outfits and follow me and moments. Our heroes are dressed in the traditional garb of the settlers and are standing in front of Mary Brewster. Can I help you three years? We're here for the dinner Oh of course, you are you have one barbecue and the whole neighborhood shows up look i. don't think we have enough room for all of you but. We're on the list Oh. Okay. As long as you're the loose, told you Dr Floyd Dr Grant but we're not freeloaders we'd like to help you serve the meal really sure do how about we handle the kids table for you that would be a huge help. Thank you so much as our heroes begin to help Mary brewster ditch up the food let's see what kind of trouble Dr Steven fidget or getting in to what the kids table you give up to get to the other side. you get it. Let's go for yet the road. What chicken. Okay kids time to. Yes, please help yourself. There's plenty more where this came from it. All looks so good. Oh, you were. ooh, thank you very much. Strangely familiar robots settlers, and here's some more squash for you. Little Guy. Over the next several hours, heroes made sure that Dr Steven Richards plates were always filled with food and that the to never stopped eating soon in the early evenings light the native Americans and settlers were often joined the cool weather in each other's company while at the kids table Dr. Steven Feeder. Were sleeping soundly hugh. It's finally over we aren't doing this again next year I'll tell you that much. You look at these two Oh, that trip to fan in the poultry must've knocked him right out actually Mrs Brewster Yeah. Thank you Dr they sure are sound asleep don't worry about a Mrs Brewster. We'll take care of them that'd be fantastic I need to finish cleaning up. So I can get an early start tomorrow. All the traders are having sales have to get a jump on my holiday shopping. Well, thanks for the meal Mrs Brewster No need to give things you helped out a great deal. Dot. Grand. CHEESE GONE GYPSUM CARRY DR Steve Dr Grant? Carrie. Fisher's. On. Space travel device and end this. No. I haven't even better idea come on in mere moments. Dr, Floyd carries out a mischievous little plan of his own and it's not until hours later Dr Steven Vigil are awoken by the sound of a marching band. They find themselves in New York in nineteen twenty four being pulled down thirty, four th street in their time and space ship. where. Are We fidget. And what am I wearing? It is then that Dr Steven featured realized, they have been zipped in Turkey costumes and are now participants in the very first macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. How did we get here? We were just at the first, thanksgiving. I know what happened. This is all. Doing ooh I'm going to I'm going to well I. Guess Nothing I can do right now except wave to the nice people. Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Happy Thanksgiving Gobble Gobble. TREKKIES villains bring a little sunshine in the lives of the gather New Yorkers we shall take our leave in time and space. Adventures. Take us next what EVA plans conductor Steve Making in that ridiculous looking Turkey suit and winding Dr Floyd take back his time and space travel device when winning had the giants. That the show would be over and we'd all be unemployed point joining next time for the Radio Adventures of.

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