Secret Societies


Welcome to kids myths and Mysteries. I'm your host kept crumb today. I'm going to take a look at secret societies. I'll be examining how these societies have affected most major changes in American society how they've taken advantage of what is often referred to as the American go along attitude and high threshold for official misdeeds personality in 2004. George W. Bush was challenged through the election process by John Kerry despite the glaring differences in their politics. They were forever joined-at-the-hip off by a secret society both were and are members of the order of Skull and Bones Bush being a third-generation member father George HW Bush's secret name was Joe Sugg his grandfather Prescott shoulder Bush actually stole for the order one of their prized possessions. Geronimo's skull the Press caught onto the connection and they asked the cap. Dates about the Skull and Bones though as separately their answers were the same. It's a secret from the confines of the Tomb the name of the structure that houses the order that's calling bones may have come precedent Senators judges cabinet secretaries plenty of CIA field agents many of the members have been that tightens of finance and Industry Henry Luce founder of time-life Fortune and natural reviews William Buckley to name just to how are members chosen you might ask the selection procedure for new members hasn't changed since 1832 each year 15 new members are recruited over the past 150 years about 2,600 Yale graduates have been initiated at any given time around five hundred members are active and it's estimated from Fringe sources that about one-quarter of that number are actively working to carry out the objective. Of the order whatever that is, however, many lose interest and stop attending meetings and are referred to as silent dropouts at the beginning of this podcast. I said be examining how secret societies affected the American public aside from the judges and Senators that are members of skull and bones in shaping our laws. If we look back at the 2018 election of George W bush who defeated John Kerry the winner wasn't determined until the following day when Kerry decided not to dispute Bush's win in a Midwestern State of Ohio could carry stepping down have something to do with the fact that George W bush held more clout within the Skull and Bones was the decision an unspoken agreement between the two bones month Wednesday, but the Bohemian Club like the Skull and Bones in some ways yet older and more widespread across the United States there also a secret society job. There is so much speculation about Freemasons influence on American money there with that in mind take a closer. Look at the u.s. One dollar bill with a Jeweler's loupe examined the one on the front to the right of the bill. Now look closer at the top left corner or curve in the design that in cases the one there, you'll see an owl could there be a connection between the owl on the one dollar bill and the giant statue of an owl in the Bohemian clubs meeting place in California

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