Sonia Gil of founding Fluenz


Sony let's start with the founding of Lens I. Guess You found this like more than a decade ago and originally the idea was this was going to be an online only platform is that right? That's right. So we launched our first product fluence Mandermann in January of two thousand and seven kind of Lake region if we can teach Mandarin. We can teach anyone that this was a while ago. This is pre APPs pre anything yet, the idea was to have a self learn digital program that was specifically made for English speakers, and that's that's the key component there, and that's really what differentiates us from from everybody else we deconstruct the language and put it back together from the point of view of somebody who's an English speaker was learning that language. So if you're going to learn Spanish and you come from English The obstacles are going to face are going to be very different than somebody who comes from Itala. They're gonNA, learn it quicker. No doubt. You're going to have a harder time. At. It seems logical and you'd think that everything that's out there obviously takes that into account, but that's not the case actually. Most of the programs, even books, university programs and everything else have one path of learning and that's what it is and so that makes it harder for us. That means our market is smaller that also means it. Every time we develop language is incredibly difficult takes resources and timing not but it also ensures that you have better results and that you feel like it's made for you because it is neat for you.

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