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From the ambassador. Midwest Lord Traffic Center brought to you by Arcadia Valley Communications and traffic this afternoon. We have had our issues out there. And one of those issues was east found 44. They cleared an accident east of 1, 41, and things have totally send out West found 64 40. There is some volume and it starts near King's Highway out through McCausland. They cleared an accident east found on 64 40 near Big Ben. Still a slow go back through McKnight and South found 1 70 is slowing at 64 40. Now we do have some volume eastbound to 70. It's a slow, go slow. Go right at Lindbergh Westbound 70 jamming right at 1 41. But then things open up and we didn't have an accident reported South bound Clark's and south of 64 40. 1 41 is also slow on either side of 40 connect with the strong technology company that can handle any cloud. Oh, I P WiFi or fiber needs Arcadia Valid Communication's 50 years. Experience and prices that smoke the competition. Call Ron at 314924 31 60 arcadia valley communications dot com. I'm Sue Thomas with traffic. It's for 56 at 97 1 will no doubt about it. It is boot season. Two types of people there those

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