Cold winter, but people So what was something that you realized


Got a long, dark cold winter, but people So what was something that you realized immediately? When you were there that was different than how we think about it. So I realized I was sort of thinking about it all wrong, So I'm the health psychologist. And so I actually went to Trump's to try to understand how people made it through the winter. How were they not? All laid low with sort of, you know, wintertime depression, and so I showed up there with this sort of very American, Very New Jersey mindset that I had of, you know, Winter is horrible, and it's something that you must endure. I'm here to figure out how you endure it. And when I started talking to people, I realized that they were thinking about it totally differently. They weren't talking about how they endured the winter. They were talking about how they enjoyed the winter when I showed up there in August. They were talking about what they looked forward to in the winter, And so I realized that sort of their whole approach. Their whole framework for thinking about the winter was completely different than mine. So one of the things that you regret you recognized is that they spent a lot of time outdoors. If we get go, even when it gets cold that they get outside.

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