As a blatant challenge to its authority. We speak to one of them.


To one of them. It's no point to go back there and sit there like sitting ducks, waiting to be shot at on. Britain says China's actions or a breach of the 1997 agreement, handing back its colony to Beijing. United Nations tells us they fear for civilians caught up in the fighting in Ethiopia's Tigray region. Also should people working from home during the pandemic pay an extra tax to help those who have to go out to work. That's well then why this droid? Wichard, England. Stonehenge is not happy. It's a violation with looking at years and years and years or workmen with drills. I don't want a tunnel so there will be protest. That's all coming up after the news. Hello. I'm Debbie rests with the BBC News. China has condemned the mass resignation of pro democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong as a blatant challenge to the authorities. Their action followed The expulsion of four other lawmakers under new rules imposed by Beijing are China correspondent Stephen McDonald reports on the last day inside the Legislative Council Pro democracy politicians of being handing in their official resignations in protest at the dismissal of four of their colleagues by Hong Kong's later Carrie Lam from the building second floor. A banner was unfold by one of them to crying, the chief executive for corrupting the city. Beijing is now empowered her administration to dismiss any opposition politician deemed to be showing insufficient loyalty to the motherland. Chinese government's representatives in the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs office warned resigning politicians against begging for outside intervention or offering encouragement for radical resistance. The Ethiopian government has urged Tigre and forces to surrender as federal troops battle to take control of the region. The fighting, which began over a week ago, is reported to have killed hundreds of competence on both sides. His will Ross Ethiopia's federal government is sounding confident the defense minister Kaneda, your data said it wouldn't be long before the leaders into gray from the TPLF Party on trial. He talked of appointing an interim administration in areas taken by federal troops. But with all telecommunications switched off, it's hard to verify what's been happening. Since the fighting began over a week ago. Both sides have been speaking of success, and they're also accusing the other of committing atrocities. What's clear is civilians are suffering. The former president of Ghana. Jerry Rawlings, has died at the age of 73, the son of a Scottish father. Enter Garnie and mother led to military coups. He was an authoritarians leader who was tough on corruption flight Leftenant JJ. Rawlings was also accused of human rights abuses. He headed the military council, which in 1979 executed eight senior officers, including three former heads of state. Slow down in the transmission of Corona virus has been reported in some European countries has renewed restrictions start to show results.

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