Philip Rivers Passes Dan Marino For Fifth Place On NFL's All-Time Passing Yards List


38 years old. With a restart on his career. In Indianapolis, and as much as Philip Rivers is generally a wild ride, and he is I. I've called him a poor man spread far for years. He's a gun slinger. He's got different arm angles. Obviously, he's Confident guy, but he generally has a couple moments in each game where he gunslingers to the wrong team. He nearly had an interception in this game and had a couple of balls that were off the mark. But that's that's rears. I mean to be boring, if if it was steady right that wouldn't fit Philip Rivers. Well, like it or not. He is headed to the Hall of Fame when he retires. Every time I say this people get all fired up, but it's the truth. On Thursday night. He moved into Fourth place Now Excuse me, Fifth place all time on the NFL's Career passing list. Passing one Dan Marino. With 11 yard completion. This was early in the game. He only needed a handful of yards. To get past Dan Marino. And he was well over 300. He's now it's 61,666. That's a lot of sixes 61,666 for his career. And there are only four quarterbacks who have more passing yards in their careers than one Philip Rivers. You know all about Brett Farve. Peyton Manning. Tom Brady, Drew Brees. They're so playing, they're still bound to keep racking up more yards as his Philip Rivers. All for those guys. Either Hall of Famers or bound for the Hall of Fame. So his rivers now there's a big difference, obviously, because he has not won a Super Bowl and generally doesn't have that same success in the postseason. There's still time those of you who are Colts fans. You know, earlier this year I think it was weak three was definitely the first month he became Just the sixth quarterback in NFL history. To throw at least 400 touchdown passes. And he's likely so he's sitting in that six play spot right now he's likely to pass the in Rio before the season is up and work his way to the top five. So then he's in the top five all time and passing yards and all time in touchdown passes. Of course, he's going to the Hall of Fame.

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