How the Gig Economy Won in California

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This week. Has been pretty relentless. It's been hard to keep up with every twist and turn of the presidential election. Let alone think about all the other races in the country. So you'd be forgiven. If you missed a vote in california. It was on a state ballot proposition. And this vote. It has the potential to change the way. Millions of people work not just in california but across the country in the context of the united states. People often look at california's this giant blue state this idealistic democratic state. That sam harnett. He covers tech and labor for k. Q. e. d. a. public broadcaster california. And yeah since the nineteen nineties. California has had a reputation for progressive politics. Every current statewide officeholder as a democrat fuel emission standards are strict marijuana's legal and just this week the state voted to restore voting rights to some formerly incarcerated residents but being tech reporter in silicon valley for the last ten years. Like a lot of what you see here. In terms of income inequality in terms of capital accumulation. It looks very much like what you would associate with the republican party so when it comes to statewide votes they aren't always that progressive. You sorta get i like. What is a progressive liberal person in california and you would assume that a progressive person would support what labor supports. It would be on the side of the worker but this week. Labor organizers lost in california's by and large sided with tech companies californians voted. Yes on proposition. Twenty two an effort bankrolled by companies. Like uber and lift prop twenty two allows those companies to continue treating their at based workers like rideshare drivers or door dash couriers as independent contractors not employees. It's a huge win for these companies and it's a blueprint for what they wanna do across the country soon as prop twenty two pass in their sort of salvator emails gig companies have been talking about how they wanna make this the model for the nation today on the show. We're going inside the most expensive ballot measure in california history. How big tech convinced californians to vote their way what it means for workers in the state and what it could mean for workers. All over the country. I'm lizzy leary. And you're listening. To what next tb

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