Kate Winslet Managed to Hold Her Breath for 7 Minutes


Long do you think you can hold your breath. i don't know no learning sack minute. Well showy try it. Kate winslet just set a record for holding her breath underwater to film a movie scene. She was an underwater scene for avatar. Two and she held her breath for seven minutes and fourteen seconds. No way now that beats the old record set by unsurprisingly tom cruise. Tom cruise held the record for the longest breath. Hold while filming underwater previous to this for mission impossible rogue nation when he went six minutes holding his breath. That's insane kate. Winslet said it was brilliant. And i was very proud of myself and i'll probably never be able to do that again. It came at the end of four weeks of intense training and it was in the dive tank. It was in the training tank. But i loved it so neither kate nor tom will break the real breath holding record anytime soon of you ever heard what the actual guinness record is for. David blaine hold it now. Alec alexey cigarette vendrell. Whoever that is twenty four minutes and three seconds. How do you live.

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