Polish women protest new abortion restrictions


And cities across Poland. Against the Constitutional Court ruling the band's almost all abortions, with exceptions only for cases of rape, incest or where the mother's health is at risk of the ruling outlawed abortion, even in the event of fetal defects. Which accounted for 98% of all illegal abortions carried out in Poland last year. Martin Lynn, partisan activist with Polish women's strike and has been organizing the protests. Where does Thie Court ruling leave women in Poland? What we're facing now are two ways of action. One is the doctors who actually already contacted us is organization that supports fight for abortion and declared that they will not actually comply with Mrs Trump's Gus announcement because they don't consider this a cart rolling. All of them are even prepared to go all the way with the criminal charges, if needed, because the state's obviously will try to impose this announcement is a court's ruling, and also there is a team over our lawyers that is tasked with preparing individual cases, but also general cases. To European Commission to European institutions, all kinds, of course, that we can rely on national and international. So now we go for the legal grounds. You go for the judiciary system to help us. We promote initiatives that provide abortions that support women who want to have an abortion. Either abroad or here in Poland, because we're talking about something that will be happening anyway. If the ban is there or not. The problem is that many women won't know that the fetus is damaged because now many of the doctor's just won't tell them during the tests because they will be afraid to be investigated if than some abortion happens or something happens earlier this week, we heard from a Polish government spokesman who Distance himself from this ruling, he said. It was a court ruling. But you are questioning the composition off the court that made this ruling. Am I right? I'm not the only person to question that. We are questioning it. Off course, the lawyers are questioning this. A European institutions that put a complaint finally. Against Poland in the European Court of Justice also questioned this. So we now have an example What happens if there is no independent judiciary is the rule of law is actually broken. We have in the living example off the decision. That is not a court ruling. And now we have to take all the forces to bring this to the light and to win this in court in the independent course. You're thinking about the legal and the medical challenges to this ruling. But where the protests going from here tomorrow we are protesting in churches outside of the churches. And we're telling the Catholic Church of Poland that is extremely happy with the bond that they think will be imposed in Poland that they are wrong with putting their own religion above women's rights. And on Monday we go carb locates and their old locates all over Poland, and on the Wednesday we strike because the police state is not working properly anymore with the panda. Mia was declared the economy crisis of and with the human rights crisis, so we might as well stop Poland for good until someone comes to them their senses. Got a

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